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MASON: An Education That Provokes

Outing myself as a women’s and gender studies major used to be harder than outing myself as a lesbian. I used to mention it quietly after announcing my government major, so white, middle-aged men I introduced myself to at my father’s retirement ceremony would not ask the inevitable follow-up questions:[Read More…]

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KANEDA: How To Be A Top Graduate Without Doing More Work

When School of Foreign Service students hear that they have to write an essay to declare their majors, their first reaction might be, “Not another paper!” Upon seeing the prompt of 250-500 words, “Oh, easy!” might be the next one. But when I read a 30-minute job, I call the[Read More…]

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Levels of Learning Lacks Awareness

In their column, Naman Trivedi (SFS ’16) and Rohan Shetty (MSB ’16) criticize “formalized, course-based teaching” at Georgetown for “fail[ing] to make learning integrative and high-impact” (“Levels of Learning in a New Curriculum,” Nov. 10, 2015, The Hoya). Without citing evidence or data to support this view, they then propose[Read More…]

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Suffering From ‘Undeclared-ness’

Suffering From ‘Undeclared-ness’

I have a severe case of “undeclared-ness.” When I decided to come to college in the nation’s capital, I thought I would be able to figure out what I wanted to do for the next four years of my life — that is, what I wanted to study and who[Read More…]

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A Major Necessity

Thanks to the efforts of the African American Studies Program and the Provost’s Committee for Diversity, Georgetown students may have the option to major in African American studies in the near future. The proposal has the support of many Georgetown students and boasts an intrinsic value important to any institution[Read More…]

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Uncertain Times, Uncertain Students

Uncertain Times, Uncertain Students

“Sophomore year is a time for decisions!” read the subject line of the email from the School of Foreign Service Dean’s Office sent to the Class of 2018 this summer. Welp. How am I supposed to make big decisions about the rest of my life in the confusing whirlwind of[Read More…]

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Major Trouble

Major Trouble

Something always bothered me about the quintessential college introduction process. “Hi, nice to meet you. What’s your major?” As if the absolute most interesting thing I could disclose to a new acquaintance was my chosen field of study. (Far from it, actually — as a math major, the usual response[Read More…]

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SFS, Mind Your Roots

The School of Foreign Service is building a reputation that fails to uphold its name. A Cawley Career Center poll revealed that only 11 percent of the School of Foreign Service’s Class of 2014 entered careers in nonprofit or service, while 6 percent accepted positions in government. This is an[Read More…]

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Where Are the Female STEM Majors?

Where Are the Female STEM Majors?

Choosing a major can be one of the most consequential, agonizing decisions that we make in our college careers. Unsurprisingly, male and female students tend to choose different majors. We most often hear in the popular press about low female participation in STEM and economics majors, which boast higher starting[Read More…]

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Major Clutter

The School of Foreign Service has implemented a new global business major to attract students interested in exploring the behavior of firms in the international framework. In the initial round of applications, 12  applicants were accepted to the program. The major is designed, as stated in several information sessions open[Read More…]

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