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KIRK ZIESER/THE HOYA Several Facilities workers 
feel mistreated and bullied by their management, as two anonymous workers recount to The Hoya.

Facilities Workers Reveal Institutional Challenges

The smooth operations of Georgetown University’s maintenance rely on employees of the Office of Planning and Facilities Management to respond to work requests. Yet several of these workers feel overworked, underpaid and unprotected against mistreatment by their management team. Under a new trade-based work delegation, facilities workers have faced a[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Subpar Housing Merits Compensation

Faulty fire alarms. Disruptive, clamorous construction. Severe miscommunication from university officials to endangered student residents. Georgetown has proven unwilling or unable to address a wide array of housing and maintenance problems, many of which detract from residents’ health and safety. While these problems are not new to the Georgetown community,[Read More…]

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HOUSING: My Floors Were Soaked for 5 Months. Facilities Called Them ‘Standard’

HOUSING: My Floors Were Soaked for 5 Months. Facilities Called Them ‘Standard’

In fall 2017, I lived in a dilapidated apartment in Henle Village. Initially, I thought little of my home’s shabby state. Eventually, though, I noticed our floors were substantially dirtier and, more importantly, moister than those in any of my friends’ apartments. Our carpet floors retained moisture and were consistently[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Increase Maintenance Staff

Health and safety issues in Georgetown University student housing go unaddressed by the Office of Planning and Facilities Management for far too long. To address the deplorable conditions of its facilities, Georgetown must hire more facilities and maintenance employees. Mice and rats bring the risk of disease into dorm rooms;[Read More…]

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HURT: Housing From Hell

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EDITORIAL: Collaborate to Reconstruct

As Georgetown finds itself embroiled in a former employee’s lawsuit over health hazards relating to mold exposure in Village C West, students have long taken to social media to document the perils they encounter with the university’s infrastructure. One such platform, @georgetown.hotmess on Instagram, has accrued over 800 followers by[Read More…]

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Metro Anticipates Potential Closure

The Washington Metro transit system may suspend operations for as long as six months for repairs and maintenance, D.C. Metro officials announced March 30. The announcement follows the unprecedented 24-hour shutdown of the entire Metro system for emergency track inspections March 16. At Wednesday’s symposium for the Metro’s 40th anniversary,[Read More…]

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Facilitating Maintenance

Keeping a dorm room or apartment in working order is no small task. Many apartment ailments, from leaky ceilings to broken ovens, are not residents’ fault, and resolving them drains time for students and maintenance workers. Confusion at Georgetown about who is meant to fix what and when adds inefficiency[Read More…]

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