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LRAA Is Bad Policy for DC

I am writing in response to Erin Riordan’s letter, “Support LRAA for Livable DC,” which wildlymischaracterizes the effect of the Large Retailer Accountability Act while attacking wages at Walmart. The author fails to mention that the LRAA does not apply to all residents.  Not even close. Workers at places like Starbucks, McDonalds, Exxon, Giant, Applebee’s, Safeway,[Read More…]

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Support LRAA for a Livable DC

If Washington, D.C. is to be livable for all its residents, we and the District government need to take a stand to support living wages. The Large Retailer Accountability Act, which passed through the D.C. Council with an 8-5 vote July 26, would guarantee a living wage to thousands of[Read More…]

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