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GEORGETOWN COLLEGE - GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY FACEBOOK PAGE | Members of the Georgetown College Class of 2019 gathered at commencement May 18.

Adichie Encourages Care for Others at College Commencement

To ease the stress created by the modern “age of hurry,” it is necessary to care for others and avoid extreme individualism, award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie told Georgetown University College graduates May 18. Adichie addressed the audience gathered on Healy Lawn after receiving her own honorary degree. Adichie is[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Love, Simon’

★★★★★ Amid the tired and unsatisfying crowd of coming-of-age movies and high school romantic comedies plaguing the 2010s, “Love, Simon” is a refreshing breath of authentic, modern and unapologetic gay teenage identity. Set in a picturesque Atlanta suburb, “Love, Simon” tells the story of 17-year-old Simon Spier, played by Nick[Read More…]

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Georgetown Love Stories Unfold at Dahlgren

Years after meeting as participants at Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society’s Midnight Theater production of “All in the Timing,” Diana Valdivia (COL ’05, LAW ’10) and Carlos Valdivia (COL ’05) were married at the university that brought them together. The 2011 wedding harkened back to the couple’s time as Georgetown[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Our Love of Others Defines Us

On a Kairos retreat, a contemplative retreat rooted in Ignatian spirituality, during my senior year of high school, my theology teacher gave a stirring reflection in which he revealed the difficult life lessons he learned from losing his young son and — years later — his wife to cancer. The[Read More…]

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SCHENDEN: Embracing Our Essential Love

SCHENDEN: Embracing Our Essential Love

Go ahead. Type it in. Those four little letters – L O V E. Having just done so myself, 7.5 billion Google results  popped up on my screen. That’s a whole lotta love. So, with Valentine’s Day today, and so much love out there, it is worth our consideration to[Read More…]

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Love Fosters Lasting Peace

Love Fosters Lasting Peace

Monday nights for me, since the latter days of August, have meant calls home to my mother, sister and father. I usually ask for a recap of the important things I am missing back in Richmond — only the big ones though, because my mom can really talk — and[Read More…]

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Love Locks

Love Locks

Three Kinds of Kisses Secrets at 1065 Park Ave. “Nay, gentle Romeo, we must have you dance.” For Joseph The Chaos of Being Alone October Boyfriends Bravery, Passed Down Saved to Drafts: A Letter to My Mother Healing in Seasons Thanksgiving On Learning to Love a Drug Addict The Myth[Read More…]

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Learning to Love Yourself

Recently, my father has been overly interested in my dating life. Nowadays, it seems not even one conversation can go by without him asking if I’m seeing anyone. I can always hear the disappointment in his tone when I tell I him that I haven’t met anyone since we last[Read More…]

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Valentine’s Day is full of longstanding customs dating back across the centuries. However, its significance for Georgetown students refuses to be a stable one; this past weekend, both heterosexual and LGBTQ couples challenged traditional romantic norms in their effort to celebrate the holiday.

Unconventional Valentines

Valentine’s Day has a set of expectations and traditions compiled throughout the centuries. Today, however, it’s a largely commercialized event notorious for its avalanche of food, flowers and all things heart-shaped. Yet amid the hand-holding, gift-giving, movie-watching and dessert-indulging, discussion about the significance of the holiday spurs a range of[Read More…]

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CIESEMIER & SQUIRES: To Georgetown’s Jesuit Character, With Love

CIESEMIER & SQUIRES: To Georgetown’s Jesuit Character, With Love

It is February, friends. Love is in the air all around, and Georgetown’s campus is no exception. We considered writing about our own love lives, but quickly realized that it would be the shortest column in the history of The Hoya. So instead, we dedicate this Valentine’s Day column to[Read More…]

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