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#HoyasInUK Reflect On British Election

#HoyasInUK Reflect On British Election

LONDON — We hunkered down in the only pub in Notting Hill, London, that could accommodate 12 diners at one table and would change the TV station to BBC for the 10 p.m. British general election exit polls. The group of us, deemed the #HoyasInUK, had just spent the past[Read More…]

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OWSIANY: Study Abroad’s Real Cost

OWSIANY: Study Abroad’s Real Cost

In the spring semester of 2015, I studied abroad in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world, for five months. I frequently found myself feeling caught between the cost of doing something and the cost of missing an experience that, for me, would be extremely rare. Before[Read More…]

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IPPOLITO: London Calling as NFL Looks to Grow

On Sunday, the NFL created a dangerous but exciting possibility for its business and for its globally growing fan base. This past weekend marked the second of three games this season played at Wembley Stadium in London, featuring an unusually exciting game between the playoff-caliber Detroit Lions (6-2) and the[Read More…]

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Through Travel, Finding a New Perspective

The best part of summer is that you can have extensive travel plans and experience two entirely different worlds within three months. After spending four weeks in Zanzibar, Tanzania, as a volunteer and teacher, I flew directly to London, where I will work for the rest of the summer. Living[Read More…]

Stadiums Not Worth the Cost

When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was recently asked if he would prefer a franchise in Los Angeles or London, he replied, “I want both.” A byproduct of NFL expansion is the renewed focus on stadium construction. Cities hoping to attract a franchise are building stadiums, while cities with struggling franchises[Read More…]

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Jags Owner Blazes New Trail

In Tuesday’s issue of The Hoya, columnist Matt Bell argued that the St. Louis Rams should move to London. If the Rams were to move anywhere, though, it is likely that owner Stan Kroenke would instead choose Los Angeles, as Kroenke has previously tried to buy baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers and appears positioned to[Read More…]

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Church Bells Across the Pond

Regent Street in London, one of the capital’s prime shopping avenues, has become royal wedding headquarters in the days leading up to today’s ceremony. Hundreds of Union flags line the road leading to the Mall, the site of the royal procession following the wedding at Westminster Abbey. Stores on Regent[Read More…]

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International Law Center Opens in London

Georgetown University Law School traveled across the pond this year to establish the Center for Transnational Legal Studies. CTLS, which is the first institution of its kind focused on international and comparative law, opened its doors to students last month in London, England. According to the Web site, CTLC is[Read More…]

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Missing a Foggy Day in London

LONDON — I write this column from London, where I am spending six days between classes, giving several presentations on my books and current research. And indulging in a bit of nostalgia. Three decades ago, I was ending a seven-year stint here doing my graduate studies at the London School[Read More…]

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