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Georgetown graduates led LinkedIn’s new university rankings for business-related fields, including investment banking and finance.

MSB Tops LinkedIn Rankings

LinkedIn released its first university rankings of projected career paths for undergraduates last week, with Georgetown topping the list in a variety of business fields. The networking website ranked Georgetown number one for investment banking, number three for finance — following the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University — and[Read More…]

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Expanding the Business Model

Georgetown students and alumni have long lamented our school’s stagnant ratings in U.S. News and World Report. It seems only necessary, then, that whenever Georgetown scores exceptionally well in college rankings, that we congratulate ourselves for our accomplishments, no matter how superficial. Last week, rankings in recent alumni career success[Read More…]

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What’s Your Social Network?

Facebook You’re mainstream, but not ashamed. You have a penchant for stalking people you barely know and assessing their personalities based on their tagged pictures. You don’t mind using popular aspects of those “other” social networking sites such as hashtags and memes. You have everything you need right here, so why go[Read More…]

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