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LARKIN: Moving Toward the Radical Center

LARKIN: Moving Toward the Radical Center

Liberalism seems to have gone out of fashion. This trend should be worrying because liberalism — the ideology centered on individual liberties, pluralism and tolerance — is the foundation of our democracy. Yet in the face of Brexit, the United Kingdom’s departure from the EU; the election of President Donald[Read More…]

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LARKIN: Inhabiting the Radical Center

LARKIN: Inhabiting the Radical Center

Western liberalism is in retreat. This crisis is bigger than just the wannabe-authoritarian in the White House. Our entire society is losing faith in liberal democracy, and surveys indicate our generation has the most unbelievers by far. This illiberalism has seeped into college students, as it has for Americans across the[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Political Parties See Future Realignment

In the first Republican primary debate, moderators asked the candidates present whether they would ultimately support the party’s nominee for president. The unusual query was designed to assuage fears that one aspirant, Donald J. Trump, would seek a chaos-inducing independent bid for the White House. Trump’s answer was, of course,[Read More…]

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Heritage Foundation Chief Condemns Liberalism

David Azerrad, director of the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics at the Heritage Foundation — a conservative think tank — argued against the tenants of liberalism and warned of increasingly liberal culture at a discussion hosted in Healy Hall on Feb. 16. The event was hosted by[Read More…]

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Local Colleges Rated Liberal

Georgetown may be undermining its Catholic heritage as part of a broader liberalization trend at D.C. universities, says one report commissioned by Campus Reform, a conservative action network. Among D.C. universities surveyed, The George Washington University was rated most conservative, while Howard University was deemed the most liberal. The Catholic[Read More…]

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Back to Nature: Eco-Friendly Semantics

One of the more extraordinary features of the current generation of students is the near- universal embrace of environmentalism. While previous generations have had their share of environmentalists, they tended to constitute a fringe movement notable for their affection for muesli and Birkenstocks. Many of today’s young environmentalists are preppy[Read More…]

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