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VIEWPOINT: On LGBTQ, GUSA Candidates Unprepared

When it comes to LGBTQ issues, this year’s candidates for the Georgetown University Student Association executive offer little beyond the empty buzzword of “diversity.” To provide insight into what these candidates can do for the LGBTQ community, a coalition of the major LGBTQ clubs on campus — GU Pride, Queer[Read More…]

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AMANDA VAN ORDEN/THE HOYA Al Castillo (SFS '22) has found spaces to represent himself at Georgetown.

Trans, Nonbinary Students Forge Spaces Despite Difficulties

For Al Castillo (SFS ’22), Georgetown felt like a chance to finally represent himself in his honest form. “When I was in high school, I presented myself as a girl — that was who I was,” said Castillo, who uses he/him pronouns. “Now, I was able to present myself as[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Engage LGBTQ in Catholic Community

Once a month, the Catholic community here at Georgetown University hosts “Hospitality Sunday.” We order food, decorate Dahlgren Quad and stick around after Mass while faith groups advertise their programs. In September, a gay student ordered the food. A gay student played the piano. A gay student read the psalm.[Read More…]

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NATIONAL CATHEDRAL Matthew Shepard will find his resting place at the Washington National Cathedral 20 years after he was targeted and killed for his sexual orientation. Shepard’s parents were initially reluctant to bury their son in 1998 following his murder, fearing potential vandalism at his grave, but have decided to inter his ashes at the cathedral Oct. 26 because of the importance of the Episcopal Church in Shepard’s life.

Matthew Shepard to Be Interred at National Cathedral

The ashes of Matthew Shepard will be interred at the Washington National Cathedral on Friday, Oct. 26, 20 years after his murder in a homophobic hate crime. When he was 21 years old, Shepard was killed in a hate crime that drew nationwide attention in 1998. Shepard’s parents cremated him[Read More…]

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CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE: LGBTQ Activists Fight for University Recognition

In September 2007, a Georgetown University student was attacked by a group of men, including another Georgetown student, according to The Hoya and The Washington Examiner. The attackers yelled homophobic slurs at the victim, who suffered cuts, bruises and a broken thumb. The incident was just one example in a[Read More…]

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DENNIS KIM FOR THE HOYA Former Georgetown University Senior Vice President of Development Dan Porterfield (COL '83) (left) and Provost's distinguished Professor of History and African-American Studies Marcia Chatelain (right) discussed student involvement in the creation and expansion of the LGBTQ resource center at an event honoring the center's 10th anniversary Oct. 15.

LGBTQ Resource Center Owes Success to Student Activism, University Official Says

Student activists brought about the establishment of the LGBTQ Resource Center and their energy helped sustain the center, Dan Porterfield (COL ’83), Georgetown University’s former senior vice president of development, said Monday at a discussion in honor of the 10th anniversary of Georgetown’s LGBTQ Center. The event, cohosted by the[Read More…]

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ANNE STONECIPHER/THE HOYA The LGBTQ Resource Center is sponsoring OUTtober, a month-long program seeking to address emerging issues faced by members of the LGBTQ community through a series of keynote speakers and on-campus events.

OUTober Encourages Renewed Activism

The LGBTQ Resource Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary with OUTober, an annual monthlong programming series honoring the LGBTQ community, this month. This year’s theme, “Looking Forward,” aims to build off the current on-campus LGBTQ infrastructure to identify emerging issues for the community through a series of keynote speakers, discussions[Read More…]

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Native American Tradition Meets Modern Aesthetics in Jeffrey Gibson’s ‘DON’T MAKE ME OVER’

Native American Tradition Meets Modern Aesthetics in Jeffrey Gibson’s ‘DON’T MAKE ME OVER’

‘As cold rain drowned the streets outside with somber, gray tones, Jeffrey Gibson’s “DON’T MAKE ME OVER” infused Georgetown University’s newly built exhibition space with vibrant colors and sound. The Maria & Alberto De La Cruz Art Gallery, under construction since February 2018, made its debut this fall in the[Read More…]

Seth Owen (SFS '22) traveled to Los Angeles to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after a GoFundMe for his Georgetown tuition went viral after he was kicked out of his house.

Q&A: First-Year Student Appears on ‘The Ellen Show’

Seth Owen (SFS ’22) appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Sept. 11 after gaining national attention in July when a fundraiser for his Georgetown tuition after he was kicked out of his house for refusing to attend his parents’ church went viral. After Owen, who is gay, refused to attend[Read More…]

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CAROLINE PAPPAS/THE HOYA The Office of Student Financial Services adjusted its financial aid to offer to Seth Owen (SFS '22), following his parents' decision to withdraw their financial support for him after he left his church community.

After Outpouring, Student Finds His Way to Georgetown

A GoFundMe fundraiser for a freshman kicked out of his home due to tension related to his sexuality and for refusing to attend his parents’ church raised over $140,000 to support his Georgetown education, and the university’s financial aid office stepped up efforts to support him. Seth Owen (SFS ’22),[Read More…]

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