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In Transition, But Incomplete

On her first day of classes at Georgetown in 2012, one of Celeste Chisholm’s (COL ’15) professors called her “Jonathan.” Chisholm corrected the professor, explaining that she prefers to be called Celeste. She assumed that after the exchange, her situation was obvious and her classmates understood that she is a[Read More…]

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Lexi Dever (COL ’16), center, takes part in Coming Out Day in Red Square Oct. 11.

Transgender Students Enter Campus Spotlight

Last year’s Year in Review highlighted the progression of LGBTQ student groups on campus, as well as LGBTQ rights nationally, as evidenced by the legalization of gay marriage in states across the country. This year, one part of that acronym that had been overlooked in the past emerged as a[Read More…]

Hurdles for a Life in Transition

Hurdles for a Life in Transition

I walked into Leo’s the other day for dinner. It was early, about 5 p.m., and while I normally would eat later, I needed to make some prints before my 6:30 p.m. photography class. When I handed my GOCard to the cashier, he hesitated. He looked me up and down,[Read More…]

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Beyond Pride, LGBTQ Groups Hone Identities

A perception of homogeneity within GU Pride has led students to found two new discussion groups for students who are part of less prominent components of the LGBTQ community. The Queer Women’s Collective and a discussion group for transgender students invite students with a relationship to each identity to discuss[Read More…]

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Trans* Students Share Their Stories

Trans* Students Share Their Stories

It’s Friday afternoon, and Lexi Dever (COL ’16) is hurrying to get ready for the evening. She’d received a new skirt in the mail and is eager for an excuse to wear it. Her eyeliner is missing, again, and she doesn’t have a ponytail holder to tie up her Teagan and Sara T-shirt. She gets makeup advice[Read More…]

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