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LUX: Amplifying Black Voices

LUX: Amplifying Black Voices

This was arguably the year of Beyoncé. Her visual album “Lemonade” was widely acclaimed for its originality. She dominated the headlines after announcing earlier this month that she is pregnant with twins. But when it came time for the Grammy Awards on Feb. 12, The Recording Academy passed up Beyoncé[Read More…]

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The Buzz About ‘Lemonade’

Before it came out on Tidal and iTunes, before HBO gave it an online slot, and even before it was announced, it was destined to be the next big thing, and we all knew it. It is the album “Lemonade,” and it is incredible. I say this not only as[Read More…]

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A still from "Don't Hurt Yourself"

Album Review: ‘Lemonade’

★★★★★ Beyoncé premiered her sixth solo album on HBO Saturday – but calling it an “album” is a gross understatement. “Lemonade” is a visual masterpiece that redefines what it means to be an artist, swiftly dismissing anyone who doubts that she is the reigning queen of the music industry. In[Read More…]