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AMANDA VAN ORDEN/THE HOYA Former president of Spelman College Johnnetta Betsch Cole criticized higher education for lacking diversity at an Oct. 17 event in Riggs Library.

Former Spelman President: Universities Must Combat Racism

Academic institutions can combat racism by cultivating conversations and supporting research about national racial dynamics, former President of Spelman College Johnnetta Betsch Cole said at an event Wednesday in Riggs Library. The event was part of the Women’s Center’s Biondi Copeland Lecture Series, which aims to spread awareness about issues[Read More…]

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BOBROSKE: Apartheid Lingers in Language Division

BOBROSKE: Apartheid Lingers in Language Division

Language is the foundation for community and culture. It allows us to communicate, learn and collaborate with one another, but it can also be exploited as a means to enforce segregation. The case of Stellenbosch University in South Africa shows the power language can have as a tool or as[Read More…]

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Professor Discusses Leadership

Russian Presidential Academy Department Chair of Global Leadership Studies and Georgetown University and New York University visiting professor Sam Potolicchio shared his tips on leadership Tuesday at an event entitled “How to Become President or CEO: Executive Leadership in the 21st Century.” The event, hosted by the International Relations Club,[Read More…]

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ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith delivered the Michael Jurist (SFS ’07) Memorial Lecture in characteristic style in Lohrfink on Monday.

Smith Sells Self-Branding

Sports journalist Stephen A. Smith, radio show host and host of ESPN’s “First Take,” spoke about issues ranging from race and leadership to current basketball debates and the weakness of Tim Tebow’s arm in Lohrfink Auditorium at the fifth annual Michael Jurist (SFS ’07) Memorial Lecture on Monday evening. Smith[Read More…]

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Diversity for Georgetown Talks

Under the vision of A.J. Serlemitsos (COL ’17), the new organization Georgetown Talks aims to encourage students to talk about their personal experience at Georgetown and foster conversations on campus about diversity and students’ personal issues. The organization’s first event will be a talk given by Serlemitsos on Wednesday about[Read More…]

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Examining Autocratic Cooperation in Post-Soviet Countries

Alexander Libman, an assistant professor of international political economy at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, visited Georgetown to discuss his upcoming paper on autocratic cooperation in post-Soviet countries on Wednesday. His paper, entitled “Autocratic Cooperation and Eurasian Regionalism,” elaborates on research indicating that the autocratic governments in the[Read More…]

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No Time for Tardiness

No Time for Tardiness

Many of us are familiar with the cliched movie scene of a tardy high school student stumbling into class a few minutes late. He sits down sheepishly as the teacher cracks a one-liner at his expense, but all is forgotten and class moves on. College academics, however, are a bit[Read More…]

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Financial Gain by Going Against the Grain

In the dead of night of May 2, 2011, two Blackhawk helicopters touched down outside a dilapidated house in the small city of Abbottabad, Pakistan. Upon landing, the team of Navy SEALs aboard moved quickly to execute their mission. In just under 40 minutes, the SEALs had completed their objective and vanished into the darkness.[Read More…]

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Durbin Returns to Talk Hilltop Roots

Just a week after Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington, Illinois Senator Richard Durbin (SFS ‘66, LAW ‘69) came to the District for the first time in early September 1962 to study at Georgetown. This Tuesday, Durbin’s return to campus was greeted with a rally of his own as[Read More…]

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Coulter Lecture Spurs Campus Controversy

Coulter Lecture Spurs Campus Controversy

A heated dialogue is mounting on campus as students gear up for conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s speech in Lohrfink Auditorium Thursday. While students opposed to the event first expressed concern that the university would be paying $20,000 — Coulter’s standard asking price — to secure the visit of the outspoken[Read More…]

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