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OSMAN: Influence Gone Wrong

OSMAN: Influence Gone Wrong

President Donald Trump is widely believed to be isolationist. After all, his infamous mottos, “Make America Great Again” and “America First,” reinforce the notion that only our nation, or Trump’s nation, matters in the international spectrum. Yet, day by day and headline by headline, it becomes evident that Trump likes[Read More…]

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Georgetown Donors at Center of Middle East Rivalries

Georgetown Donors at Center of Middle East Rivalries

When Lebanese and Georgetown University elites filled an overflowing Lohrfink Auditorium in 2009 to celebrate a $22 million gift honoring former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, the audience and school did not know that fewer than 10 years later, the Georgetown alumnus who gifted the amount would be at the[Read More…]

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Cultivating a Sense of Home From Abroad

As I walked into the movie theater with my friend, I found myself surrounded by all sorts of people whispering and shouting in Lebanese; we were all sharing in that pre-movie excitement, and rumor had it that the director was apparently in the theater. For me, the experience seemed quite[Read More…]

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A view of Israel

Leaving Turmoil Behind

For all international students, adjusting to life at Georgetown can pose a significant challenge. But for those who come from countries sprawled across the front pages of American newspapers due to violent protests, devastating typhoons and even a renewed military regional conflict, the shift in lifestyle and experience is even[Read More…]

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