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Hitting the Books: A Library’s Purpose

If Georgetown were suspended on its own, as a microcosm without the rest of the world looming outside the front gates, we would probably go to the library for fun. We would pick up books at random about whatever piqued our imaginations, just like little kids play with toys and[Read More…]

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Valuing Healthy Discourse

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter won’t take the stage in Lohrfink Auditorium until Thursday evening, but her impending visit already has tensions running high. But even if some students can’t stand the persona of certain political speakers, they should appreciate the opportunity to learn from them. Coulter is hardly the first controversial guest[Read More…]

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A Language at a Loss for Words

My whole life I have marveled at the English language. More often than not I find myself amazed by just the sheer number of words we have created – with new ones being added all the time. How is a person supposed to keep up? Tucked into my planner, I[Read More…]

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Serving With Humility

Give yourself a pat on the back – you have worked hard to get to where you are in life. In high school, you were probably near the top of your class, were president of nearly every club and did one-gazillion hours of service. At Georgetown, you may have already[Read More…]

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On Used Bookstores

Schall holds the minority opinion that used bookstores may be more important to civilization than universities. You ask, of course, where would used bookstores get their used books if there were no professors around to write them? The fact is – this sounds shocking – that people other than professors[Read More…]

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Real-World Experience Provides Real Education

Spring semester is quickly winding down. For freshmen, it must be a relief to be still standing, having survived the first demanding year of college. Piece of cake. Sophomores and juniors are looking forward to exciting summers — perhaps traveling or working, or maybe just staying at home or at[Read More…]

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