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BAKER CENTER | Patricia Baker (COL '64) and John Baker (COL '64) seek to increase access to nontraditional educational opportunities on and off campus.

Alumni Donate $20 Million to Fund Experiential Learning

A $20 million donation to Georgetown University will create a new fund to support opportunities for hands-on learning experiences both on and off campus. The gift, from Patricia Baker (COL ’64) and John Baker (COL ’64), chairman and CEO of International Planning Group, will form the Baker Trust for Transformational[Read More…]

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CARNES: Continuing to Venture Forward

CARNES: Continuing to Venture Forward

Over the stove in my kitchen, I have a small brass plaque that bears an inscription attributed to Michelangelo. It says simply, “I am still learning.” My mother gave it to me on the day I received my Ph.D., offering it as a gentle, slyly humorous admonition to not let[Read More…]

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EBENBACH: Take the Time to Reflect

Between the dizziness of recovering from Thanksgiving break and the pressure of oncoming finals, maybe it has not even occurred to you to pause and reflect on the semester that is drawing to a close. But this moment is an opportunity — not just to review the material that is[Read More…]

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The purpose of the Engelhard Project is to incorporate topics relating to student wellness into academic discourse in order to produce a more comprehensive and contemplative curriculum. Entering its 12th year, the program engages students and faculty from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

The Engelhard Project: Healthy Learning, Healthy Living

The Engelhard Project celebrates its 12th anniversary as one of Georgetown’s hallmarks of undergraduate education. Launched by the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship in 2005, it has helped students “create meaningful connections” between their intellectual pursuits and personal experiences and “infuse wellness” into their curriculums. “The project[Read More…]

Danny Smith\The Hoya

After Our Trials, Success Emerges

Once I entered senior year, I felt as though I was dubbed with a flashing neon sign constantly poised directly over my head reading, “Ask me any question and receive the wisest, most well-planned response.” Amid the classic questions regarding my post-graduation plans, my new location and how I will[Read More…]

Stereotypes Hide A Complex World

Since he swept through the polls on Super Tuesday, Donald Trump has been on track to win the Republican nomination. The fact that he has received so much support is concerning because it proves that U.S. citizens hold similar racial prejudices. As a foreign exchange student from Japan, this both[Read More…]

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Take Control of Your Transcript

A recent email announcing the departure of Chester Gillis as dean of the Georgetown College lists an impressive number of new minors and majors that were instituted during his tenure, including African American studies, justice and peace studies, journalism and business administration, to name a few. Yet, it seems that[Read More…]

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Suffering From ‘Undeclared-ness’

Suffering From ‘Undeclared-ness’

I have a severe case of “undeclared-ness.” When I decided to come to college in the nation’s capital, I thought I would be able to figure out what I wanted to do for the next four years of my life — that is, what I wanted to study and who[Read More…]

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Blinded by Pre-Professionalism Tunnel Vision

It’s January and a flurry of anxious suits descends onto Sellinger Lounge. Below the surface of casual chit-chat about winter break bubbles an undercurrent of apprehension about the nebulous and uncertain future, the entirety of which seems to rest on the outcome of the next few months. Recruitment season has[Read More…]

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Learn Quicker With iClicker

Many find the crowded lecture hall to be an inevitable downside to attending a large research university such as Georgetown. In recent years, professors with an excess of 200 students — and 200 laptops — have been exploring new ways of holding attention. And while new education technology can be[Read More…]

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