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DOMA Ruling Reflects National Values

Same-sex marriage is not just a personal issue. It concerns far more than your right to marry whomever you wish. At its heart, same-sex marriage is a measure of the ability of our communities and our nation to sympathize, to empathize and to love. Embracing caring, committed relationships should be[Read More…]

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Law Professor Nominated for Head of Regulatory Affairs

Georgetown University Law Center professor Howard Shelanski was named President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, the nation’s chief regulation review body, April 25. Shelanski, currently on leave from Georgetown and serving as the director of the Bureau of Economics at the Federal Trade[Read More…]

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A Moderate Solution to the Contraception Conflict

To the Editor: Your coverage of Sandra Fluke’s testimony in the article “Law Student Mired in Birth Control Debate (The Hoya, A1, March 2, 2012) omits a critical detail: Georgetown Law student insurance covers prescriptions to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome.  The written testimony of Sandra Fluke actually admits this in the[Read More…]

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Tripathi: Gay Rights in Uganda at a Crisis Point

Uganda has not enjoyed an easy independence. Following a hurried British exit in 1962, the country suffered under the vicious regime of Idi Amin, whose berserk dictates and rulings terrorized a population already beaten by economic and political failure. Uganda remains so poor and broken that today 31 percent of[Read More…]

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Altered Law Leaves Students on Edge

Altered Law Leaves Students on Edge

A newly passed measure granting D.C. police greater authority in responding to rowdiness has spurred much of campus to action, triggering a strong student outcry and forcing administrators to preempt a possible rise in student arrests. Scott Stirrett (SFS ’13), chair of DC Students Speak, a group advocating for student[Read More…]

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Law School Gives Stipends to Grads

With many graduates struggling to find jobs, the Law Center has announced that it is extending its program, giving stipends to graduates participating in internships for public interest organizations. The program provides students with $4,000 so that they can participate in law-related volunteer programs, according to Barbara Moulton, assistant dean[Read More…]

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