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KIRK ZIESER/THE HOYA Martha Winslow (COL ’21) introduced a petition to bring treadmill desks to Lauinger Library. Winslow said the treadmill desks would improve student health and productivity. She will host a discussion about the petition Nov. 30.

Students Petition University to Install Treadmill Desks in Lauinger

A petition to add treadmill desks to Lauinger Library was introduced before Thanksgiving break. Martha Winslow (COL ’21) posted the petition on Facebook as a discussion event to be held today. The petition gained traction, and 137 Facebook users have indicated they expect to attend the event Friday afternoon. Another[Read More…]

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Lauinger Library Reduces Collection After Budget Cuts

Lauinger Library’s budget was cut by $1 million for fiscal year 2016, requiring the library to reduce its principal collections of books to avoid staff layoffs. In July 2015, the library took a 6-percent overall budget reduction as part of a broader university effort to reduce spending, according to University[Read More…]

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University Information Services implemented a $189,000 upgrade of the Lauinger Library Wi-Fi system, the university’s oldest Wi-Fi hotspot, after students expressed concerns about the reliability of the old system.

GU’s Oldest Wi-Fi System Receives Overhaul

From Jan. 4 to Jan. 8 of this year, University Information Services completed an approximately $189,000 overhaul of the Georgetown University Lauinger Library Wi-Fi system and general connectivity infrastructure. The project was completed with outside contractors, including the Virginia-based Knight Point Systems, and used Advanced AirMagnet software to assess the[Read More…]

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In recent years, the staff of Lauinger Library has adapted to the shifting needs of students and faculty by increasing both the amount of its physical collections as well as that of its digital resources, including electronic databases, e-books and reference services.

Lauinger Library Addresses Digital Demands

Thousands of students walk in and out the doors of Lauinger Library every day, but few know the inner workings that allow students to search a book or collection, print a document or conduct research. Over the past few years, the Joseph Mark Lauinger Memorial Library has expanded its collection[Read More…]

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Lauinger, Reimagined

When Reimagine Georgetown was established in 2003, hopes were high that three of the university’s largest student organizations — the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union, Students of Georgetown Inc. and The Hoya — would be able to provide high-impact, high-quality improvements to campus life. Although the program[Read More…]

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Julia Hennrikus

Practicality Can’t Be Lost in Hong Kong

National Day is supposed to be a day of celebration for most Chinese. Yet, in the small city-state of Hong Kong, this Oct. 1 holiday was the beginning of a movement. Self-government and self-determination have been rallying cries for the thousands of students who flooded the streets for the Occupy[Read More…]

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Grad Students Seek Space

For graduate students looking for study space dedicated for them on the Hilltop, many find their options limited solely to the undergraduate-packed Lauinger Library. Although the graduate student population of 8,226 students at Georgetown outnumbers the university’s 7,092 undergraduates, there is a scarcity of on-campus spaces reserved for graduate students.[Read More…]

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Libraries Add Student Council

Rather than complaining about Lauinger Library’s architecture, students will now be able to give more constructive feedback through the Student Library Council, an initiative started by library staff this year. The council is open to undergraduate and graduate representatives from the four undergraduate schools, the Graduate School of Arts and[Read More…]

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Library Renovations Add Study Space on Second Floor

Library Renovations Add Study Space on Second Floor

As classes begin in earnest and students return to Lauinger Library this semester, the look of the second floor may be a shock to some. The library’s overhaul eliminated half of its shelving, leaving the space empty for the time being. “The library made several space improvements this summer,” Lauinger[Read More…]

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Lamenting the Loss of a Jesuit Landmark

Sometimes, important events happen so quietly that they are in danger of going unnoticed, and one such event is about to happen here. Woodstock, a Jesuit institution of the first order, is about to disband and leave campus forever. In the last decade, to be sure, it has not been[Read More…]

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