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Insomnia Cookies Opening Location in Georgetown

In 2003, Seth Berkowitz, then a University of Pennsylvania student, had an idea: He wanted to find a way to satisfy college students’ late-night cravings for something sweet. He began to bake cookies in his own college dormitory, delivering them to fellow students in the area — and unlike most[Read More…]

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Epicurean has become a popular hub for late-night socializing on the weekends since it extended its hours in May 2013, but it still draws low numbers of customers on weeknights.

Late-Night Epicurean Breaks Even

Epicurean and Company has begun to break even in its venture to remain open 24 hours a day, six days a week, during the academic year. Although the restaurant still has not made a profit since round-the-clock hours were implemented in September 2013, it has begun to attract a larger[Read More…]

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Before the Sun, a Different Hilltop

Before the Sun, a Different Hilltop

Campus is silent. Most buildings are closed. The majority of students have gone to bed with the exception of a few lit dorm rooms and some studying in main buildings, such as Lauinger Library and the Rafik B. Hariri Building. As Thursday melds into Friday, it is too late for[Read More…]

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Late-Night Bites

Late-Night Bites

George’s 1205 28th St. NW $$$$ A quaint location on 28th Street, George’s King of Falafel and Cheese-steak is a great place to stop in at any time of the day, but with its Thursday-to-Saturday hours extending until 4 a.m., it is the ideal place to be for Mediterranean food in the late hours[Read More…]

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What’s After Dark Now?

What’s After Dark, a program founded in 2007 that supported sober nightlife activities, was discontinued last week. Plagued by a shortage of university funding, the program’s elimination may have been justified. However, its abrupt end could have been avoided if the university heeded an idea posed by the Georgetown University[Read More…]

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GUSA Urges Extension of GOCard Access

The Georgetown University Student Association senate unanimously passed a resolution to extend hours of GOCard access to campus buildings Sunday night. The resolution stated that limiting access to academic buildings and dormitories after certain hours impedes the goal outlined in the 2010 Campus Plan of bringing undergraduate social life back to campus.[Read More…]

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Faulty ’n’ Frustrating

It’s not just the Hoya wraps at Grab ’n’ Go that are leaving students with a bad taste in their mouths. Georgetown University Dining Services has proudly advertised improvements to O’Donovan Hall over the past semester through its “We Hear You” campaign, but it remains remarkably deaf toward student complaints[Read More…]

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Hip Late-Night Spot Gives Tuscany A Run for Its Money

Hip Late-Night Spot Gives Tuscany A Run for Its Money

Tired of gorging on the same old Tuscany pizza every Friday night? If you find yourself in Adams Morgan this weekend, or are simply feeling a bit more adventurous, a more refined late-night experience awaits you at Cashion’s Eat Place. Located at 1819 Columbia Rd., just off 18th Street, the[Read More…]

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Nightly Noms Cures Campus Sweet Tooth

Nightly Noms, a bakery staffed entirely by students, is trying to satisfy the cravings that O’Donovan Hall late night and The Corp’s cookies cannot. Since its launch a year ago, the company co-founded by Elizabeth Sabol-Jones (COL ’13) has since developed the variety of goods it offers as well as[Read More…]

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