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LLC to Enhance Spanish Study

A new Spanish and Portuguese Living Learning Community has entered its planning stage. Scheduled to start in the 2015-2016 academic year, the LLC marks Georgetown’s second Romance language-based community. “The main goal of the floor is to give Spanish and Portuguese students a place to develop their language skills and[Read More…]

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Alum Makes Great Play With New Film

4/5 Stars   After watching Silver Linings Playbook, I have a newfound appreciation for tragic comedies, though I don’t think many will outdo this film anytime soon. Director and screenwriter David Russell has created a gripping film that highlights an omnipresent, yet  overlooked, problem central to modern-day American life: personal psychological[Read More…]

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Quirky Phrases: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

My fascination with learning slang from past decades began this past summer. I was at home and jobless, so I had nothing to do for an awkward amount of time. Naturally, this simply turned my fascination into a legitimate obsession. In response to something my dad said that I have[Read More…]

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Arabic Department Faces Increased Demand

Arabic Department Faces Increased Demand

To accommodate a spike in student interest, the Arabic and Islamic studies department has undergone recent expansions — but not without some growing pains. This fall, the department has increased its presence on campus, in part by organizing two lecture series for the year, but it has also struggled to[Read More…]

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Idioms for Idiots: For Those Who Could Care Less

Until a few weeks ago, I had never actually used the phrase “play it by ear,” even though I’ve heard the idiom spoken by other people countless times. So when I finally included the words in conversation as I was making plans, I decided that I should probably confirm that[Read More…]

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Can’t Stand the Dancing in Istanbul

At last, my faithful and devoted readers (also referred to as “parents” and “friends-I-guilt-trip”), I greet you from the rolling hills of Sariyer, Turkey. Oh, I’m sorry, you’re unfamiliar with that. Sariyer is a province in Istanbul and where my university is located. I apologize, I forgot that it has already been two weeks[Read More…]

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Let Them Eat Cake

For this week’s quip, I thought I would take readers through a couple of scenarios in which baking a cake can go awry. As a Chinese language major, the nuances of the language bleed into the various facets of my life, including the kitchen. In Mandarin Chinese, when you run[Read More…]

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Crepes in Copley: French Floor Plans Laid Out

The French department and the Office of Residence Life are hammering out plans for Georgetown’s first on-campus language floor, which may be housed on Copley Hall’s ground level next year. Named the Dorothy M. Betz French Floor, the funding for the living community was donated by professor emeritus Paul Betz[Read More…]

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A Language at a Loss for Words

My whole life I have marveled at the English language. More often than not I find myself amazed by just the sheer number of words we have created – with new ones being added all the time. How is a person supposed to keep up? Tucked into my planner, I[Read More…]

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Lost in Translation, Late Grades Spur Confusion

If you’re planning to study abroad this semester, you’ve made progress. You’ve finished studying, conquered finals and returned home to begin your packing. You’ve had five semesters of your foreign language – and have purchased a pocket dictionary in case it fails you. You’re all set to travel to unknown[Read More…]

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