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WEIS: Legacy Lives Strong Despite Controversy

WEIS: Legacy Lives Strong Despite Controversy

For the past few weeks, Lance Armstrong has been mercilessly bashed upon the unforgiving rocks of the American media for his use of performance-enhancing drugs. He has been the subject of betrayal from friends, enemies and teammates alike. He has been the target of heated vitriol from talking heads, sportscasters[Read More…]

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For Te’o, Armstrong, Deceit Trumps Crime

My father still finds the time to remind me of life lessons. Eat your vegetables. Get your exercise. Do well in school. His favorite saying, though, is a little more profound: “The cover-up is always worse than the crime.” We see this in sports a lot. Just look at Michael[Read More…]

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Armstrong Scandal Rebounds on Charity

n the past decade, there were few sports figures as inspirational as Lance Armstrong. Whether you were watching him destroy the field in the mountains of the Tour de France or watching his Nike commercials, getting caught up in the Lance Armstrong story was about becoming a part of something[Read More…]

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Vacated Seasons: Erased But Always Remembered

The law is bizarre. It’s amazing how often it tries to bend the truth, demanding that we close our eyes as it manipulates the record books and crafts a new reality. Technically speaking, Lance Armstrong never won seven Tour de France titles. Joe Paterno never won 409 games. Reggie Bush[Read More…]

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Ten Years, Ten Moments to Remember

The 2000s were quite a decade in sports. Baseball was rocked by steroid allegations. Small market teams became increasingly marginalized. Tiger Woods revolutionized golf by introducing fitness, something long missing in the game. Women’s sports saw tremendous gains through personalities like Sheryl Swoopes, Mia Hamm and the Williams sisters. And[Read More…]

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