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Exploring Korean-American Narratives Through ‘Evolving’

Dani Guerrero is a Hoya Staff Writer. Today, the United States is home to nearly two million Korean-Americans, many of whom have spent part of their youth in Korea. The narratives of Korean-Americans are shaped both by Korean tradition as well as elements of modern Western culture. The Korean Cultural Center[Read More…]

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Located in downtown D.C., BAB presents a variety of options with rice- or quinoa-based bowls, topped with protein, vegetables and additional toppings.

Home-Style Korean in Downtown DC

Justine Choe, owner of the popular Tony’s Breakfast, has opened her newest culinary addition to the H Street Corridor. BAB, located at 1387 H St. NE, is a fusion restaurant that blends American and Vietnamese food with Korean influences and flavors. BAB takes the traditional flavor of a Korean home-cooked[Read More…]

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Last week at Starbucks, the employee taking my order didn’t ask for my name. Instead, he looked down at the credit card I’d just given him, and after a moment’s pause, wrote the name he found onto the cup. I felt an urge to say something, but with a line[Read More…]

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University Partners with Consortium for Comparative East Asian Studies

The university announced today that it will participate as a partner school in the Three-Campus Consortium for Comparative East Asian Studies program, a study abroad initiative in which students study at three universities in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong for a full-year or half-year time span. The program, which is[Read More…]

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Michelle Xu

Sticking With It: My Korean Education

From the age of nine until I entered high school, I woke up around 8 a.m. every Saturday to attend a full day of Korean school in the community space of a local Presbyterian church 15 minutes from my house. There, I was made to fill out colorful little vocabulary[Read More…]

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Korean Barbeque Offers Dynamic, Flavorful Experience

Korean Barbeque Offers Dynamic, Flavorful Experience

4/5 stars $$ After watching the video for “Gangnam Style,” I knew that Koreans know how to have a good time. What I didn’t know was how delicious their food is. Honey Pig is a small chain of Korean barbeques; the location closest to Georgetown is in Annandale, Va., and another is relatively close in[Read More…]

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