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Storied Statues Reveal Georgetown’s History

Walking across Georgetown’s campus, it is easy to notice subtle relics of the university’s rich history — statues and memorials are woven between modern buildings and dormitories, occupying an important space in daily student life. Though dozens of other bronze- and stone-cast figures decorate the Hilltop, few Georgetown students know the[Read More…]

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SEGELSTEIN: An Open Letter to Catholic Freshmen

SEGELSTEIN: An Open Letter to Catholic Freshmen

You’ve heard his name before, and you’ve likely walked past him countless times. But don’t be deceived by his immobility — he was well-travelled. Born in 1735, the steward of the Healy Gates was educated in Northern France. He had been a member of the Society of Jesus for 20[Read More…]

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GUPD Investigates Cyber Harassment

The university is investigating potential cyber harassment incidents by a Facebook account under the name John Carroll, after a student and the Georgetown University Student Association reported the account for multiple incidents of harassment following President-elect Donald Trump’s Nov. 8 victory. The account sent private messages to multiple students, including[Read More…]

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The project features altered images of figures, such as University President John J. DeGioia, top, and LGBTQ Resource Director Shiva Subbaraman.

Project Explores Gender Identity

A student-orchestrated project has attracted attention to issues of gender identity and expression, eliciting mixed reactions to the depiction of prominent figures in drag. Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15) and Giuliana Cucci (COL ’14) — a stage name — conceived the project during spring break while brainstorming marketing promotions for the[Read More…]

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CARNES: Carroll Calls on Us to Gaze Past the Gate

CARNES: Carroll Calls on Us to Gaze Past the Gate

I have never sat on John Carroll’s lap. In fact, I’ve never even been tempted to try. But each time I cross Healy Lawn, I find my eyes drawn to that iconic statue that welcomes each person to the Hilltop. Over my four years as a professor here, I’ve come[Read More…]

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FISCHER: Our Past and Present Fight

In the center of Georgetown stands a cemetery. The Jesuit cemetery embodies the reality of death. Neither the compiling of facts and knowledge nor the training of the body and mind for careers can be the ultimate ends of this university; such objectives are rendered obsolete before death. A Georgetown[Read More…]

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SCHAUER: A Fatherly Ritual for All

There you are, working along, minding your own business and all of the sudden it hits you: midterms. Somehow you wake up one morning and it’s the middle of October. September has flown by in a frenzy of open houses, information sessions and hundreds of new emails from all of[Read More…]

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