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New Career Center to Prioritize Grad Students

A new career center for graduate students separate from the Cawley Career Center is expected to launch in July 2018, the Office of the Provost announced Sept. 27. The new center will focus on specific graduate career and professional advancement counseling. The decision to create a new career center came[Read More…]

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HARDING: The 40 Percent

HARDING: The 40 Percent

When I first came to Georgetown, I had no clue what consulting was. I suspect many others were unfamiliar with the term as well. Still, with its prevalence at Georgetown, it did not take long for any of us to figure it out. Three years later, I still struggle to[Read More…]

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KARNA: Overcome Pressure to Be Perfect

KARNA: Overcome Pressure to Be Perfect

Although my GPA has been devastated by economics courses, it somehow earned me an interview at Boston Consulting Group. I had plenty of time to prepare, so I put it off. I figured I knew how to nail a behavioral interview, thanks to the apply-for-everything culture at Georgetown. When this[Read More…]

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Obama Presents Youth Employment Plan

Obama Presents Youth Employment Plan

President Barack Obama allocated nearly $5.5 billion in his recently proposed fiscal year 2017 budget to help more than one million young people gain crucial work experience in order to obtain their first job. Obama’s $4.1 trillion budget will focus, in part, on creating grants and apprenticeship programs in order[Read More…]

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App Aims to Be Tinder for Job Market

Swipe, swipe, swipe, match. You’re hired. Well, it may require more than a few swipes to get hired, but nspHire starts the conversation by matching employers and job seekers through a quick swiping process similar to that of popular dating app Tinder. Founded by Georgetown alumni Rasheen Carbin (SFS ’98)[Read More…]

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The Corp and GUASFCU collectively received more than 600 applications this fall hiring season. The Corp’s acceptance rate remained relatively the same as last year at about 18 percent while GUASFCU accepted about nine percent of its applicants.

Corp, GUASFCU Receive More Than 600 Apps

Students of Georgetown, Inc. and the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union collectively hired more than 100 students in a record-breaking fall application season. Both organizations saw large application pools and competitive acceptance rates. The Corp received a record-breaking 460 applicants, more than any other time in its[Read More…]

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HOCHBERG: Looking At Refugee Economics

HOCHBERG: Looking At Refugee Economics

Politicians, students and the media have been sparring on how responsible Europe and the United States are for sheltering Middle Eastern refugees. But what if they are ignoring a fundamental question: how long should these refugees be allowed to stay? The simple answer from an economic standpoint: as long as[Read More…]

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TRIVEDI & SHETTY: Reconciling Creativity With Public Service

TRIVEDI & SHETTY: Reconciling Creativity With Public Service

When the two of us look at life after college, there seems to be a clear fork in the road between private sector jobs that aim to give students the best outlet for learning and public sector positions that offer little in the way of creative thinking. While Georgetown may[Read More…]

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The Best Plan is No Plan

We both received a jarring email in our inboxes recently: A reminder from the deans’ office to begin steps for registration for Fall 2015. After getting over the initial shock (and frankly, insult) of the reality of not being around to register for another semester of classes, we began reflecting.[Read More…]

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Blinded by Pre-Professionalism Tunnel Vision

It’s January and a flurry of anxious suits descends onto Sellinger Lounge. Below the surface of casual chit-chat about winter break bubbles an undercurrent of apprehension about the nebulous and uncertain future, the entirety of which seems to rest on the outcome of the next few months. Recruitment season has[Read More…]

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