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Restaurant Review: Oki Bowl at Georgetown

★★★★☆ The patrons of Oki Bowl @ Georgetown are as charmingly eclectic as the decorations surrounding them. Walking into the restaurant is like travelling to a new world. Leaving behind the bustling traffic of Wisconsin Avenue, visitors of the restaurant sit beneath the warm glow of decorative, muted lamps and[Read More…]

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Exploring Avant-Garde Art at the Hirshhorn

With its recent acquisition of 11 Japanese avant-garde photographic works last month, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden hopes to incorporate “an unprecedented critical history of the postwar Japanese avant-garde” to its collection, according to a Hirshhorn press release. The Hirshhorn has been expanding its collection by acquiring pieces from[Read More…]

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University Partners with Consortium for Comparative East Asian Studies

The university announced today that it will participate as a partner school in the Three-Campus Consortium for Comparative East Asian Studies program, a study abroad initiative in which students study at three universities in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong for a full-year or half-year time span. The program, which is[Read More…]

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Students can practice their foreign language skills with language partners in other countries via Skype through the Teletandem program.

Skype Links Language Partners

The Teletandem program, which matches Georgetown students with language partners in other countries via Skype, expanded to include Spanish, Arabic, French, Japanese, Russian and Turkish this semester after receiving a one-year grant from the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship. The program was founded in 2008 and was[Read More…]

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Japanese Restaurant Shows off Its Chops

Japanese Restaurant Shows off Its Chops

4/5 stars $$ Big dinners — the kind where more than eight overeager diners descend upon one table at one restaurant for one night — are perilous. However, as a good friend prepared to go spend seven months abroad, I found myself in such a situation. A venue for her[Read More…]

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Paragamian: A Package of Investment Incentives

The U.S. economy continues to show signs of regaining strength and resistance to persistent threats: The effects of the Japanese earthquake, the European sovereign debt crisis, the U.S. national debt, and rising oil prices. All of these factors pose significant threats to stifling the global economic recovery. Even after experiencing[Read More…]

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