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VIEWPOINT: No Honor in Killing

About 500 women in Pakistan are killed every year by relatives for acting in ways that fail to conform to conservative, traditional values, including marrying or eloping with a man of whom the family has not approved. In 2015, Sughra Imam, a former Pakistani senator, drafted a bill imposing harsher[Read More…]

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Francois Valentin

VALENTIN: Veiling Dialogue and Discourse

It has been more than a month since the heat of the burkini controversy in France dissipated; A few weeks after a deadly Jihadist attack in Nice, dozens of coastal towns in the south and north of France decided to ban the burkini, a contraction of a burqa and a[Read More…]

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BROTHERS: When Feminism Divides and Clashes

Feminism to me has always been the idea that women should be able to do as they wish without society being able to coercively dictate what they choose to do – or not do, for that matter. But the feminist movement in a lot of ways has failed to maintain[Read More…]

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SHEDD: Sharia and the Dangers of Misperception

Let’s talk about Sharia. Everyone has heard about the Taliban or the Islamic State rolling into regions and imposing “Sharia law.” It is certainly true that these groups do horrible things in the name of Islam and its supposed code of laws. But it is not true that Sharia or[Read More…]

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BROTHERS: Why Muslim Americans Cannot Buy Into Identity Politics

One month ago, the worst mass shooting in the United States took the lives of 49 innocent people. I still recall my initial reaction — I hoped the shooter was not somehow connected to Islam, which is often my first thought whenever I see a headline with a phrase like[Read More…]

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BROTHERS: Sometimes We Do Not Choose Our Labels

Some time ago, I read the words of Sayed Kashua, a Muslim journalist from Haaretz, who wrote after the attacks in Paris: “My first thought was: How the blazes do I cancel my labeling as a Muslim? How can I dump every definition that’s liable to connect me with those[Read More…]

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What Are We Waiting For?

For most Americans, election years promise spirited debate, embarrassing gaffes and plenty of fresh material for late-night comics. For me, and for other Muslims across the country, election years promise sideways glances, scapegoating and pervasive Islamophobia. Last December, Georgetown made headlines by hosting an “Interfaith Gathering for Solidarity.” Members of[Read More…]

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Although its past plays have risked criticism and censorship, Ajoka Theatre remains a popular cultural outlet in its home country, Pakistan.

Humor is Universal

  From a cartoonist’s pencil to a playwright’s pen, satire can be wielded as a potent weapon against malignant forces, such as ignorance or extremism. “Amrika Chalo,” running this weekend as part of the Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics’ Myriad Voices festival, aims to tackle both these oppressive elements,[Read More…]

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Jeff Buckley Is Not a Terrorist

On Jan. 7th, 2015, three Islamic extremists stormed the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters in Paris and carried out a planned massacre that took the lives of 12 people. Five more were slain in the ensuing manhunt following the horrific episode. The terrorist attack prompted a massive response from around the[Read More…]

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Arts of the Islamic World

Arts of the Islamic World

Over the past decade, the ideaology of Islam has become the subject of controversy, but most people only have a superficial knowledge of this complex school of thought. Before one can knowledgeably discuss this dynamic religion, it is first necessary to immerse oneself in the rich culture that surrounds its[Read More…]

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