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GREGORY: The Convoluted Kurdish Question

Every time a politician suggests a new approach to Middle East policy, the Kurdish ethnic group comes up as an unlikely ally. “We need to arm the Kurds now,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R – Texas) said in September. “We need to directly arm the Kurds,” former governor Jeb Bush (R[Read More…]

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Bring the Security of Iraq to the Forefront

Bring the Security of Iraq to the Forefront

One of the most common criticisms of the current United States strategy in Iraq is that President Obama does not have any strategy. This is false. Though by no means sufficient, some measures — military aid, airstrikes against Islamic State group targets, economic sanctions and the promotion of regional cooperation[Read More…]

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SOLTIS: Printing Layers of History

SOLTIS: Printing Layers of History

The Islamic State group, in an effort to eliminate artifacts without Islamic significance such as sculptures in museums or valuable remnants of ancient architecture, has caused immense destruction in the Iraqi and Syrian cities it captures. Naturally, historians and artists across the world are mortified at this unreserved busting spree[Read More…]

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Med Student Founds Refugee Service

Med Student Founds Refugee Service

In northern Iraq, many war refugees are subject to torture, abuse and injury yet receive minimal resources or access to medical care. After he witnessed the dire need for aid on a service trip, Aaron Epstein (MED ’18) formed the Global Surgical and Medical Support Group, a coalition of medical[Read More…]

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Unconstructive Criticism: ISIS Policy in the GOP Crosshairs

“Weak.” “Misguided.” “An abject failure.” Over the past several months, these criticisms have been hurled at President Barack Obama by an array of pundits and politicians for his policies designed to counter the militant Islamist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. As the 2016 GOP presidential[Read More…]

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Masters of Arab Studies students sell T-shirts in Red Square to raise funds for Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Students Aid Refugees

Five students in the Masters of Arab Studies program course “Refugees in the Arab World” began a fundraiser for Syrian and Iraqi refugees in coordination with the Collateral Repair Project this month. The students, with help from a program graduate, are raising money by selling T-shirts featuring calligraphy designed by[Read More…]

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The Privilege of Service

The Privilege of Service

For a young woman of modest origins from the countryside of Oklahoma, finding myself in the Palace Al Bustan in Oman, dressed in my best suit, trying desperately to look like I belonged in a room full of prominent public health officials, felt quite a lot like some strange, academic,[Read More…]

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Robert Lieber

3 Professors Call for ISIS Intervention

Three Georgetown faculty members have signed an Iraq Rescue plea calling for U.S. military intervention against the Islamic State group. Director of the Berkley Center’s Religious Freedom Project Thomas Farr, government and international affairs professor Robert Lieber and philosophy Professor Emeritus Daniel Robinson are signatories of the plea, which urges[Read More…]

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SHAH: The Lackluster American Follow-Through on Iraq

SHAH: The Lackluster American Follow-Through on Iraq

The recent coverage of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s rise in Iraq has shocked many Americans — seemingly suddenly, a tragic turn of events has unfolded just as Iraq looked stable. After all, we had left a sovereign state in 2011 with a democratic government under a[Read More…]

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Clinton Reflects on Choices, Hints at Future

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed her new book, “Hard Choices,” at The George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium, which sponsored the event in partnership with Politics and Prose bookstore as part of “The Newsmakers Series” on Friday. “I think we have to ask ourselves what it means today to[Read More…]

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