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Economic Experts Urge Renewed Participation in International Trade

Increased commitment to international economic cooperation from world powers is necessary to protect the advantages of globalism, according to a March 13 panel of economic experts that included the former president of the World Bank. Leaders need to fight to preserve free international trade in light of increasing protectionism, especially[Read More…]

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In Limbo: The International Experience on the Hilltop

In Limbo: The International Experience on the Hilltop

Jetlagged from a 12-hour flight and lugging two 50-pound suitcases behind her, Rachelle Bonja (SFS ’20) had finally made it to the United States. Growing up in Aleppo, Syria, Bonja, arrived alone in Washington, D.C. with no phone, no credit card and no idea how to get to Georgetown University[Read More…]

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PHO 75

Tastes of the World: International Cuisines in DC

  The District is an amazing place to learn about other cultures, whether by exploring its museums or attending a heritage festival on the National Mall. For some, a taste of the many world cuisines D.C. has to offer is the best way to discover more about other cultures —[Read More…]

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University of Michigan professor Joyojeet Pal argued that Prime Minister Modi revolutionized his political activism through social media.

Expert Talks Modi, Social Media

Assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Information Joyojeet Pal discussed the impact of social media and political rebranding on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s global image during an event in the Intercultural Center on Wednesday. The event, titled “Narendra Modi, Twitter, and the Selfie State” focused on[Read More…]

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End the Fight to Work

With students from over 100 countries, Georgetown proudly touts its international status; the campus’ cultural vibrancy, further augmented by its investment in international programs, makes for an especially unique college experience. As graduation approaches, then, it is necessary to realize that, despite a strong desire to stay in The United[Read More…]

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Education Drives America’s Strongest Soft Power Resource

In an essay that was excerpted from his 1990 book, Bound to Lead: The Changing Nature of American Power, and published in Foreign Affairs Magazine, Professor Joseph Nye of Harvard Kennedy School first introduced the idea of “soft power.” This second aspect of power, in contrast to “hard power,” occurs[Read More…]

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Navigating the HB1 Visa Cap

Navigating the HB1 Visa Cap

‘I know this is a bit far away, but …” My heart sank as I saw the all-too-familiar question coming, “What’s your plan after graduation, going back to China or staying in America?” To leave or to stay, this classical question for newcomers never fails to engender my American peers’[Read More…]

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Cultivating a Sense of Home From Abroad

As I walked into the movie theater with my friend, I found myself surrounded by all sorts of people whispering and shouting in Lebanese; we were all sharing in that pre-movie excitement, and rumor had it that the director was apparently in the theater. For me, the experience seemed quite[Read More…]

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Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

Elaine Ding (SFS ’15) sits in the Cawley Career Center surrounded by her peers, waiting for an information session to start. Similar to other Georgetown juniors, Ding is starting to consider her postgraduate options and has been actively taking advantage of the resources the university offers. Except, unlike most of her peers, Ding[Read More…]

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Of Markets and Monsoons

Everyday around 5 p.m., my mother and I take a stroll to a local market half a mile away from our home in Yangon. Although there is a large supermarket chain just a street away, I prefer the small stands, brimming with a myriad of vegetables and fruits that arrive fresh[Read More…]

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