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Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Sept. 5 that a new Inclusive Innovation Fund, in partnership with the Marathon Foundation, will invest in minority-owned Washington, D.C. businesses beginning in 2019

Innovation Fund to Invest in Minority-Owned DC Businesses

A new Inclusive Innovation Fund is set to invest in developing Washington, D.C. businesses owned by minority entrepreneurs, Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) announced Sept. 5. The fund, which is being organized in partnership with The Marathon Foundation, is meant to benefit people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ community,[Read More…]

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GORORDO: Rethinking Social Impact

GORORDO: Rethinking Social Impact

When I was a student at Georgetown University 15 years ago, the Jesuits inspired me to think about a future that put purposeful and positive social change at the center of my life. They taught me the importance of asking questions, embracing difficult conversations, never accepting the status quo and[Read More…]

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Co-inventor of the internet, Vinton Cerf talked about the importance of always being curious and maintaining a motivation to constantly innovate as of the main driver’s behind his current life’s work.

Internet Co-Inventor Discusses Life and Career

The National Science and Technology Medals Foundation hosted co-inventor of the internet Vinton Cerf for a discussion on his career, inspirations and the creation of the internet in the Bioethics Research Library on March 27. Cerf, along with colleague Bob Kahn, invented the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol that provided the[Read More…]

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Kelly Schneider (GRD ’18), left, Christian Conroy (GRD ’18) and Adam Bouyamourn (GRD ’18) each received $20,000 for their projects.

Baker Grant Winners Tackle Global Issues

Georgetown graduate students Adam Bouyamourn (GRD ’18), Christian Conroy, (GRD ’18), Jacob Ford (GRD ’18), Rebecca Gerr (GRD ’18), and Kelly Schneider (GRD ’18) are each working find ways to enact meaningful and realistic change on global policies issues within a year with the $20,000 from the Baker Innovation Grant.[Read More…]

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Airbnb CFO Laurence Tosi, stressed the need to have a high quality tourism service for travellers.

Airbnb CFO Calls for More Innovation

  Airbnb Chief Financial Officer Laurence Tosi (COL ‘90, LAW ‘94, GRD ‘94) stressed the importance of innovation in entrepreneurship and discussed the upcoming launch of City Hosts, the company’s latest service, at a keynote held in the Lohrfink Auditorium on Feb. 9. More than 300 attendees packed the event,[Read More…]

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The Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation, in conjunction with GU Politics, published recommendations for the new administration.

Beeck Center, McCourt Massive Data Institute Releases 100 Day Plan for Innovation

In a report published Feb. 8, the McCourt School of Public Policy’s Massive Data Institute and the Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation jointly addressed innovation in policymaking and recommended a course of action for President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. This publication acts as a follow-up[Read More…]

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Speakers at the forum discussed the need for the labor market to accommodate the needs of workers in a digital era.

Baker Forum Promotes Economic Innovation

The inaugural Baker Forum unveiled the Baker Innovation Grant, which awards five McCourt School of Public Policy students $20,000 to design solutions to a particular political issue on Jan. 25. Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service Executive Director Mo Elleithee revealed the grant halfway through the forum, the culmination[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Sparking Innovation with NASA Funding

President Barack Obama recently unveiled his vision for the future of spaceflight missions, setting the standard for decades of research and establishing a goal of putting humans on Mars by 2030. Yet many continue to wonder why NASA should receive funding to put a flag on Mars. The goal of[Read More…]

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Ted Leonsis, founder and CEO of Monumental Sports and Entertainment, donated a $1 million gift to Georgetown to start the Leonsis Priize for Entrepreneurship that will support young innovators.

Leonsis Family Donates $1 Million for Entrepreneurship Prize

The McDonough School of Business announced last week the start of the Leonsis Family Entrepreneurship Prize, a $1 million gift from the family of Ted Leonsis (CAS ’77) that aims to foster entrepreneurship among Georgetown students and alumni.   Leonsis is an entrepreneur, investor and founder and CEO of Monumental[Read More…]

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SFS Alum’s Book Inspires Entrepreneurs

Patrick McGinnis (SFS ’98) proved that your choice in major does not necessarily determine your career path in his book, “The 10% Entrepreneur,” released on April 12. The book is geared toward working men and women with an interest in entrepreneurship, offering professional advice on how to entertain this interest[Read More…]

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