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EDITORIAL: End Collective Punishment

A student unscrewed lightbulbs multiple times in Kennedy Hall elevators, according to a Nov. 19 email to Kennedy residents from Residential Living. Instead of finding and punishing the student responsible, Georgetown threatened to fine hundreds of students in the residence hall. The university’s current system of collective punishment — in[Read More…]

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When Pro-Choice Is Anti-Choice

I am pro-life because our world today is broken and hurting, and I want to love the broken and the hurting. The fact is many women in our society are in pain. They live in an oppressive, unloving society. Planned Parenthood says it wants to serve women and even wants[Read More…]

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Cobb Addresses Structural Racism

Speakers discussed race relations in America at the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice’s “A Dream Deferred: Black in the USA” symposium April 11 and 12. The two-day symposium featured a series of events dedicated to addressing and battling structural racism, microaggressions, police brutality, civil rights and many other[Read More…]

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The Hidden Costs of Student Healthcare

The Hidden Costs of Student Healthcare

When enrolling at a private school such as Georgetown, there are often “hidden costs” that not all students and their families may be aware of. These costs have the most serious consequences for students from low-income backgrounds and are significant. At Georgetown, the forefront of these hidden costs is the[Read More…]

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Make Campus Accessible For All

Make Campus Accessible For All

By now, you have probably seen the Facebook cover photos and captions discussing accessibility on campus. Maybe you scrolled past these posts, thinking they did not apply to you. You might be correct. The vast majority of Hoyas will go to a party at a top-floor Henle and simply grunt[Read More…]

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The Housing Injustice of 2017

The Housing Injustice of 2017

On those colorful Georgetown University brochures and pamphlets that started coming in the mail my junior year of high school, I remember seeing fun phrases like, “Join us on the Hilltop!” or “Hoya Saxa!” Do you know what fun phrase I didn’t see? “We’re locking you on campus for three[Read More…]

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Broadening the National Discussion of Elliot Rodger

Broadening the National Discussion of Elliot Rodger

Although Elliot Rodger’s “revenge against humanity” has been discussed for weeks now, a recent article in Time has kept the memory fresh in my mind. The first sentence of Kate Pickert’s “A Murderous Spree” sums up her two-column briefing on the UCSB shooting: “It appeared that all involved had done[Read More…]

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GU Still Investigating Labor Abuse Claims

Despite the Georgetown Solidarity Committee’s protests last Wednesday, the university has not yet responded to alleged labor rights abuses by the apparel company adidas. In a letter released Thursday, Scott Fleming, associate vice president for federal relations and public affairs and interim chair of Georgetown’s Licensing Oversight Committee, announced that[Read More…]

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