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Political Voices Move the Film Industry Forward

Political Voices Move the Film Industry Forward

The United States is home to millions of people with distinct identities and rich stories to tell. Unfortunately, these stories are sometimes lost in translation; it can be difficult to understand the perspectives of people with such distinctly different backgrounds. But film has the power to foster an understanding of[Read More…]

In Defense of the Music Industry’s So-Called Digital Doomsday

It was a big week for music, y’all. We celebrated the would-be 80th birthday of soul king Sam Cooke and the 123rd of O.G. folk singer Leadbelly. Coachella released a lineup for a summer music festival that is quite unbelievable, as it lists almost every decent band to walk the[Read More…]

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Von Furstenberg, Fashion Icon, Visits Gaston in Style

Diane von Furstenberg addressed a well-heeled and predominantly female crowd in Gaston Hall on Monday night, telling the audience of her life as a fashion designer, all in the hope of inspiring her audience to act with confidence and clarity. Dean Carol Lancaster of the School of Foreign Service introduced[Read More…]

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Back to Nature: Eco-Friendly Semantics

One of the more extraordinary features of the current generation of students is the near- universal embrace of environmentalism. While previous generations have had their share of environmentalists, they tended to constitute a fringe movement notable for their affection for muesli and Birkenstocks. Many of today’s young environmentalists are preppy[Read More…]

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