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Karen O, best known for her hit “Heads Will Roll,” releases her much-anticipated first solo album “Crush Songs.”

Album Review: ‘Crush Songs’

★★★★☆ Following her immense success with the indie-rock band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, lead singer Karen O is branching out in a solo career with her debut album, “Crush Songs.” The South Korean-born American singer, known for her quirky style and unusual vocals, has created an album that perfectly showcases[Read More…]

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Coves "Fall Out of Love"

Album Review: ‘Fall Out of Love’

★★★★★ The band Coves hails from the unfamiliar town of Leamington Spa, but this doesn’t stop the English duo from leaving a dent on the surface of the American indie rock culture through their debut album “Soft Friday.” Founded in 2011, the band is a just-emerging talent that is already[Read More…]