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Movie Review: ‘Viceroy’s House’

★★★★☆ “Viceroy’s House” — like any film that tries to retell a major historical event — is faced with the daunting challenge of doing justice to people’s stories. The film follows the final viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, played by Hugh Bonneville, as he works on overseeing the transition from[Read More…]

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The author, pictured with her thaati and paati | COURTESY PRIYANKA DINAKAR

Finding Family and Forgoing Farewells

“Wow, that’s so intense for a spring break trip!” “Won’t you get jet-lagged?” “What’s the time difference?” These are just some of the reactions I heard upon telling people that I was planning on going to India for spring break, as if I was about to go on a vacation[Read More…]

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India’s Modern Money

India’s Modern Money

On Nov. 8 2016, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonetized India overnight, announcing that the old 500-rupee and 1,000-rupee notes from the Mahatma Gandhi Series would be obsolete except for a few essential services such as hospitals, pharmaceutical shops, gasoline stations, etc., which could still accept the currency. Modi then[Read More…]

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Devika Ranjan

Over the summer, Devika Ranjan (SFS ’17) lived along one of the world’s most dangerous borders with an important task at hand. Armed with nothing but a grant from the Catherine Davis Foundation, Ranjan was working on a peace-building project — one that did not entail moderating dialogue between opposing[Read More…]

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University of Michigan professor Joyojeet Pal argued that Prime Minister Modi revolutionized his political activism through social media.

Expert Talks Modi, Social Media

Assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Information Joyojeet Pal discussed the impact of social media and political rebranding on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s global image during an event in the Intercultural Center on Wednesday. The event, titled “Narendra Modi, Twitter, and the Selfie State” focused on[Read More…]

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Professor Outlines Proposals for Poverty Reduction

Edmond D. Villani Chair of Economics Martin Ravallion launched his new book “The Economics of Poverty: History, Measurement, and Policy” during an official book launch in Riggs Library on Feb. 5. The new book shares content and approaches explored in Ravallion’s undergraduate course at Georgetown titled “ECON-156: Poverty,” with a[Read More…]

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SHAH & LOWE: Moving Forward, Finding Curiosity

SHAH & LOWE: Moving Forward, Finding Curiosity

You would think, after watching enough pathetic Cubs seasons — the incredulity of our recent success never wanes — I would have fully adapted to my new country. But at Georgetown, I’ve discovered poignantly that being an immigrant is not as much a phase as it is an identity that[Read More…]

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Fall Seven Times, Get up Eight.

Encouraged by state-owned media, individual Chinese investors have been indulging in risky investment behavior over the past few years that has ultimately lead to the stock market’s downfall. The current frenzy, wherein more and more Chinese first-timers are entering the ever-ballooning stock market, fuels an unprecedented and reality-defying valuation mirage.[Read More…]

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SHRINATH: Finding My Sanctuary in India, France

Sitting now on the right bank of the Seine as a refreshing breeze wafts slowly to shore, the immediate circumstances of my arrival in India earlier this summer seem far off. The moment I touched down in Mumbai, the bustle of the horde of people at the airport created a[Read More…]

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Across the Sea

Across the Sea

People ask me where I am from, and while my unhesitant answer is New Jersey, where I have lived with my parents since I was eleven, I know this is an oversimplification. My memories of life before moving to New Jersey are a blur of different schools, different cities and[Read More…]

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