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Class of 2023 Early Action Admissions Rate Reaches Record Low

Georgetown University offered admission to 11.78 percent of applicants through its early action program, a record low even as the number of early applications fell from last year’s record high. Georgetown accepted 919 students of the total 7,802 early action applicants to the class of 2023, a decrease from last[Read More…]

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DC Ranked Snobbiest City on East Coast

Washington, D.C., was named the snobbiest city on the East Coast and ranked seventh nationally in a survey from RoadSnacks, a regional-data information website. The survey, published Nov. 11, compiled information using designated affluence indicators including income, home prices, education levels, theaters and Whole Foods Market stores per capita. Georgetown[Read More…]

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Put a Dent in Debt

A Georgetown education is expensive, and the university needs to do more to help its students deal with the rising costs. The upward trend in tuition costs shows no sign of slowing, and students increasingly rely on loans to finance a substantial part of this cost. Student loans notoriously cannot[Read More…]

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OWSIANY: Perfectly Middle Class?

OWSIANY: Perfectly Middle Class?

In the so-called ‘real world,’ I’m as middle-class as one can get. My household income, made up of a single ​ ​ parent white-collar salary and no other assets to speak of, hovers almost exactly at the national median. Money is an omnipresent concern, especially with the addition of college[Read More…]

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Occupy Movement Makes Camp at GU

Occupy Movement Makes Camp at GU

When about a dozen Occupy protesters settled in D.C.’sMacPherson Square Oct. 1, it seemed that they had appeared overnight. But Michael Kazin, a history professor at Georgetown, believes that the movement was fated. “There’s been a long critique for decades now about income inequality,” he said. “[The movement] was inevitable.” Seven months[Read More…]

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A Growing Wealth Gap

Rising income inequality threatens to destroy the promise of America — that each citizen has a chance at material and personal success, independent of the condition of his or her birth. Upward social mobility and equality of opportunity are nothing short of America’s civic religion, but these tenants are in[Read More…]

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