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FISCHER: Superficial Criteria Overlook Distinctive Feature of GU

As a campus tour guide, I am often confronted with questions such as, “Why did you come to Georgetown? Why should I pick Georgetown? What makes Georgetown different?” from prospective students. But for students who are already on campus, these are questions that don’t get asked often enough. They are[Read More…]

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Catholic Identity, to a Point

On Friday, March 30, The Guide published an article about the evolution of Georgetown’s Catholic identity (“At a Crossroads,” G8 – G9, March 30, 2012). Examining how Georgetown currently portrays its Catholic roots reveals an interesting contradiction: The university is often conflicted on how to enhance its competitive position relative to others while[Read More…]

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Our Evolving Identity

In light of the departure of an esteemed faculty member and the celebration of Jesuit Heritage Week, the university’s adherence to its founding Catholic values has come under scrutiny. Even after extensivedialogue, the question remains: Has Georgetown left its Jesuit heritage behind? Over time, our university has become increasingly open[Read More…]

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Bidding the Hilltop Farewell

To the Editor: It was strange to read the article about my departure from Georgetown for Notre Dame (The Hoya,A1, “Deneen to Leave GU at Semester’s End,” Jan. 24). I recognized some of my words, yet I did not recognize myself in them. I hope I will be allowed a few more[Read More…]

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Indian Ambassador Addresses South Asian Identity

Indian Ambassador Addresses South Asian Identity

Nirupama Rao, the Indian Ambassador to the United States, expressed her hope that India can play a role as both a world superpower and a builder of the South Asian identity in her address Tuesday. During the talk in Gaston Hall, sponsored by the Office of the President, Rao spoke[Read More…]

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Gilbert: Who We Are, Not What We Are

How do you respond to someone who asks, “What are you?” Clearly, there’s no right answer to such a weighty inquisition; yet, when I was asked this very question at the age of eight — by a classmate, no less — I felt compelled to answer, “human.” My peer was[Read More…]

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GU’s Catholic Identity in Flux

Forty-one years after stepping down as president of Georgetown University, Fr. Gerard Campbell, S.J. still lives in the Jesuit community here, in a spacious third-floor room in Wolfington Hall. At 91, he’s much older now than he was when he led the university from 1965 to 1969, but although he wears a hearing[Read More…]

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Memories from Championship Days

Like so many wannabe politicos, I enrolled at Georgetown determined to study government, volunteer for national political efforts and make good “connections.” Four years later I left Georgetown having learned from a broad spectrum of the humanities departments, spent most of my energy focused on campus, and made some truly[Read More…]

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