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BET FILMS | Ali Davis, played by Taraji P. Henson, embodies values of a hardworking, empowering and independent woman. After a shaman gives her a strong concotion to drink, Ali  obtains the ability to hear men’s thoughts, revealing their darkest secrets and true desires. “What Men Want” surpasses its predecessor by addressing gender and race.

‘What Men Want’ Highlights Humor, Diversity

“What Men Want,” the 2019 adaption of the early 2000s Mel Gibson film “What Women Want,” is a sharper, funnier, more inclusive take on the original concept. Directed by Hollywood veteran Adam Shankman, with a cast led by Taraji P. Henson, the film does the work its predecessor could not.[Read More…]


Shakespeare Theatre Company’s ‘Potted Potter’ Only Shines When Unscripted

Watching “Potted Potter” at Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Sidney Harman Hall is a bit like opening the yard-long scroll that serves as the show’s program: ridiculous, excessive and tangentially related to “Harry Potter.” Billed as “all seven ‘Harry Potter’ books in 70 minutes,” “Potted Potter” is surprisingly rife with non-Harry Potter[Read More…]


Making Them Laugh: Comedy and Politics

Comedy has long been an avenue for people to express their personal and political beliefs. The rise of late-night comedy shows that deal with political issues reflects our nation’s widespread engagement with politics. Political comedy can be interpreted in two ways: as making light of a serious situation or illustrating[Read More…]

HIGH-FUNCTIONING FAILURE: Guide to Pseudo-intellectuality

HIGH-FUNCTIONING FAILURE: Guide to Pseudo-intellectuality

If you have ever heard someone say, “You know, it is actually whom,” then you are well-versed in the wild and wacky world of pseudo-intellectuality. Being smart is difficult. It requires hours of reading, writing and the occasional soliloquy — I do not actually know what this word means, but[Read More…]

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HIGH-FUNCTIONING FAILURE: Jaunts in Protest America

HIGH-FUNCTIONING FAILURE: Jaunts in Protest America

As a hip youth in contemporary America, I am “with it.” I enjoy Kendrick Lamar. I think Chance the Rapper is a cool guy. Senator Elizabeth Warren both inspires me and makes me very hungry — though I think that second thing may be unrelated — I will look into[Read More…]

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If We Could Do GUSA Again

As our term comes to a close, a number of students have approached us asking, “If you could go back in time and ‘do GUSA’ all over again, would you?” The immediate response tends to run along the lines of, “Is this some sly way of telling us you have[Read More…]

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Hilarity Not Lost on Hilltop

As the mercurial weather continues to make fools of the greater Georgetown community, the designated fools of Georgetown — those groups dedicated to the art of humor and the science of the laugh — are intent on increasing levity’s on-campus presence. During the Georgetown Improv Association’s first open practice last[Read More…]

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Notes From Leavey Closet Space

We were surprised and confused to come along your editorial, “Time to Rekindle Raillery” in Tuesday’s paper. First of all, we have no clue what “raillery” means, and due to our new closet-of-an-office space, we don’t have room for a dictionary. Regardless, we support lighting whatever it is on fire.[Read More…]

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‘Black Comedy’ Brings Humor to Light

‘Black Comedy’ Brings Humor to Light

The theater world often makes it hard to find a play that can sustain itself around one central conceit; however, Peter Shaffer’s one-act farce “Black Comedy” at the Signature Theater succeeds in doing just that. The play centers around Brindsley Miller (Jerzy Gwiazdowski), a paragon of the struggling artist desperate[Read More…]

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Exec Elections for Dummies

Many Georgetown University Student Association executive tickets have asked me for advice on how to win this year’s executive election. I thought I’d share some words of wisdom for running a successful GUSA campaign via a viewpoint: Debates Although it’s a little late for advice now, debates are probably the most overlooked[Read More…]

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