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The Georgetown Community Partnership plans to announce the 2017-37 Campus Plan framework in early June.

Student-Led Initiative Funds Winter Break Housing

The Students of Georgetown, Inc., the Georgetown University Student Association, the Georgetown Alumni Association, the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union, the Office of the Provost and the Office of the President contributed to the funding of a temporary house for students in unstable living situations for the[Read More…]

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Holiday Housing

Holiday Housing

Georgetown students living on campus are required to leave their dorms within 24 hours after the last final exam is offered. Some students face uncertainty regarding housing arrangements over winter break, stemming from independence or unstable home situations. The Georgetown Scholarship Program, Students of Georgetown, Inc., the Georgetown University Student[Read More…]

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The three-year housing requirement pushed members of the Class of 2016 off-campus, left, with 100 denied eligibility. All applicants from the Class of 2017 will receive eligibility, and may choose from university townhouses, right, and apartments.

Brown House, Burleith & Back Again

Georgetown Scholarship Program student Amber Athey (COL ’16) never thought finding a place to live senior year would be so hard. Although the university considers GSP students as low-income, Athey was placed on a wait list for senior housing and told that her chances of finding an affordable on-campus residence[Read More…]

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Housing Process Amended

The Office of Residential Living altered the housing selection process for students studying abroad this fall, shifting housing applications six months forward to March and giving students the option to have semester-long unfilled vacancies in housing groups. “Ultimately we wanted to lay out spring housing options for fall study abroad[Read More…]

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Welcome the Prodigal

As the daunting prospects of next year’s housing dominate campus conversation, a majority of sophomores have been cast adrift by the Office of Residential Living’s new study abroad housing policy for the 2015-2016 academic year, for which deadlines have already passed. Students studying abroad in the fall will be excluded[Read More…]

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Students Fight Lottery Restriction

More than 700 students have signed a student-created petition on Facebook calling to repeal the university’s new housing policy that denies housing lottery access to students studying abroad in fall. The policy was issued on Feb. 6, 2014. The petition, titled “Student Against Restrictive Housing Policy (2015),” was created Jan.[Read More…]

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Navigating the HB1 Visa Cap

Navigating the HB1 Visa Cap

‘I know this is a bit far away, but …” My heart sank as I saw the all-too-familiar question coming, “What’s your plan after graduation, going back to China or staying in America?” To leave or to stay, this classical question for newcomers never fails to engender my American peers’[Read More…]

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Michelle Xu

Supporting Student Interns

Georgetown likes to tell students they can have it all. The university tour, websites and brochures boast that Georgetown, unlike many other schools, can provide you with the opportunity to get a prestigious Washington, D.C. internship while still taking classes at a top-tier university. Although many students are able to[Read More…]

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A Home, Regardless of Gender

As the first semester comes to an end, the issue of housing policy is once again on the horizon, refocusing attention on this year’s university decision to allow transgender students to declare eligibility for university housing as their identified gender. This practice is welcome, but comes with the caveat that[Read More…]

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University Considers 3-Year Meal Plan Requirement

The university is considering mandating a third-year meal plan, according to a press release issued today by the Georgetown University Student Association. GUSA President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) expressed their opposition to the plan, which adds an additional year of required meal plans.[Read More…]

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