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BIGGIO: Finding Hope in Compassion

BIGGIO: Finding Hope in Compassion

Last year, I prided myself on my immunity to the “sophomore slump,” an experience of generalized apathy common among second-year university students. While many sophomores grapple with a dissipation of excitement after college loses its novelty, I delighted in my liberation from freshman-ness. Far from the terrifying loneliness of the[Read More…]

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CARNES: Finding Hope in an Age of Survivors

CARNES: Finding Hope in an Age of Survivors

The voice of one of the migrants in the so-called “caravan” passing through Mexico has been echoing in my ears all week. On a podcast, I heard a reporter ask what the hardest part of his journey has been. He said, quite simply, “the walking.” He went on to explain[Read More…]

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PIRROTTI: Look Forward by Looking Back

PIRROTTI: Look Forward by Looking Back

In February of 1798, there was a fight in the House of Representatives. Not a “fight” over bills and proposals, but a real full-on, bare-knuckled, fist-throwing brawl – with Connecticut Rep. Roger Griswold beating Vermont Rep. Matthew Lyon with his walking stick after Lyon had spit in Griswold’s face. Even[Read More…]

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himalayan academy
Brahmachari Vrajvihari Sharan (center) was appointed as Georgetown’s first full-time director for Hindu Life in August, when he also became the first ever Hindu priest Chaplain in the United States.

VIEWPOINT: In Remembering Our Ancestors, A Glimmer of Hope

I arrived on the Hilltop last August from the United Kingdom, a country engulfed in a national identity crisis, to another nation gearing up for a political showdown. Yet, instead of preoccupying myself with an uncertain future, my mind wandered to thoughts of the past. The Seers, Yogīs and ascetics[Read More…]

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CARNES: Finding Civic Duty In Reconciliation

CARNES: Finding Civic Duty In Reconciliation

During my Sunday morning run, the words of the scrawled graffiti script leapt out at me: “The revolution will not be Snapchatted!” It was a jarring proclamation, and it shocked me out of the nervous rumination on the presidential election, just two days away then, that had dominated my thinking[Read More…]

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Jinwoo Chong\The Hoya

The School That Tests and Heals

Throughout my first semester at Georgetown, I was presented with the biggest challenges I have ever had to overcome in my life. I first explored this school during Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program Weekend in April 2012, and had been genuinely excited to begin a new chapter of my life. Little[Read More…]

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DC Counts Homeless In Federal Survey

The Point in Time count, the annual census and survey of homeless persons and families required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, launched around the country Wednesday. The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness began gathering results for Washington, D.C., though final numbers will not be[Read More…]

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O’BRIEN: From Grief, Perspective and Hope

O’BRIEN: From Grief, Perspective and Hope

Last month, Andrea Jaime (NHS ’17) died just weeks after beginning her sophomore year at Georgetown. A few hours after she died at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, students, faculty and staff gathered in Dahlgren Quadrangle for a prayer service of remembrance. We tried to fashion a message of comfort, though[Read More…]

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O’BRIEN: President Snow on Hope

I recently finished “The Hunger Games,” the first part in Suzanne Collins’ best-selling trilogy, about a post-apocalyptic America where an oppressive government orchestrates a grim spectacle in which two teenagers from each of the nation’s 12 districts battle to the death in a competitive reality television show of sorts. I[Read More…]

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Students Hit Pavement for Homeless

Over 100,000 people, ranging from university students to executives to those facing homelessness gathered on the National Mall Saturday for the 23rd annual “Help the Homeless Walk.” The walkathon raises money for the more than 12,000 people in the District who are living without shelter of their own. Since its[Read More…]

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