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Actor and director Bradley Cooper (COL '97), returned to Georgetown on Tuesday to reflect on his new film 'A Star is Born' and share his Georgetown memories.

Cooper Returns, Promotes New Film

When it comes to his dreams, Bradley Cooper (COL ’97) doesn’t take no for an answer. The actor and director attributed his success in film and life to hard work, dedication and authenticity at a discussion with Blair Rich (COL ’97), the worldwide director of marketing for Warner Bros., and[Read More…]

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Political Voices Move the Film Industry Forward

Political Voices Move the Film Industry Forward

The United States is home to millions of people with distinct identities and rich stories to tell. Unfortunately, these stories are sometimes lost in translation; it can be difficult to understand the perspectives of people with such distinctly different backgrounds. But film has the power to foster an understanding of[Read More…]

VIEWPOINT: Anecdotes Stand Out in Year of Speeches

VIEWPOINT: Anecdotes Stand Out in Year of Speeches

What makes a speech great? In an era where a great speech can go viral across varying platforms in a matter of minutes, an effective, captivating speech can sway public opinion and bring meaningful attention to a problem. We remember a great speech for its material, passion, context or circumstance,[Read More…]

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Scarlett Johansson plays actress DeeAnna Moran in “Hail, Caesar!”

Movie Review: ‘Hail, Caesar!’

★★★★★ One of the most inventive and idiosyncratic directing duos in moviemaking history, Joel and Ethan Coen, has delivered yet another gem with its latest film, “Hail, Caesar!” Boasting a star-studded cast led by Josh Brolin and George Clooney, the film is a masterful homage to the “Golden Age of[Read More…]

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The Underdog Story

The Underdog Story

Ask anyone in entertainment or marketing, and they’ll tell you how much Americans love a good underdog. It’s the perfect formula if you’re trying to sell a movie or product: a relatable figure, paired with the perfect story arc. Art may imitate life, but in Hollywood, the reverse is just[Read More…]

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There’s More Than the Glass Ceiling

There’s More Than the Glass Ceiling

Let’s talk about sex. In Hollywood, that covers a pretty broad umbrella of topics. Transgender issues, with Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner creating the most recent headline buzz. Growing claims of “male objectification” — think “Magic Mike” and Chris Pratt. Sex as the premise of popular comedies, like the upcoming[Read More…]

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The Hollywood Story

The Hollywood Story

When I was five years old, I dreamed about sashaying down the red carpet. It took 15 years, but this week, armed with a wristband I could flash at security to get almost anywhere I wanted and blistering enthusiasm, I finally made it. “Made it” being a euphemism for being[Read More…]

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Movie Review: “Entourage”

Movie Review: “Entourage”

★★★★★ A fading star from the once-famous show “Viking Quest,” a tequila tycoon weed-guzzler, a pizza-rolling Sbarro’s manager turned suit-wearing movie producer, a short-fused workaholic talent agent and a kid from a Mentos commercial who changed the game. For those who were fans of the HBO television show, you will[Read More…]


The example set by the characters in "Community" may set unrealistic expectations about forming relationships.

The Question of Community

“Community” is not only a great show title, but also perfectly sums up the TV show’s Greendale Community College’s Spanish class study group. The show follows a group of students who hail from a multiplicity of races and age groups as they meet to study for a Spanish class they[Read More…]

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Calling on Nostalgia Lacks Originality

At the guide, our staff is known for having strong opinions about pretty much everything. We’re taking stands on the pop culture issues that really matter, from tween stars to the movies that make us smile, and from catchy pop songs to the stories that dominate the Internet. We love[Read More…]

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