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Rediscovering WGTB’s Hidden Past

The year is 1975. In January, three men, including former attorney John Mitchell, are convicted for perjury stemming from the infamous Watergate break-in. Five months before, President Richard Nixon resigned in the wake of the scandal. In April, the Vietnam War effectively ends with the fall of Saigon and the[Read More…]

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SCHAUER: A Big Job for a Little Bulldog

We’re a few weeks into the year now, folks, and that means many things have started back up again. The Corp is churning out coffee, a cappella groups can be seen spontaneously bursting into song and Hoya Blue is back encouraging all of us to put our best and most-spirited[Read More…]

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Halloween Unifies Cultures

It all started with a turnip. A long time ago in Ireland there was a man by the name of “Stingy Jack” who tricked the devil not only once, but twice, into not taking him down to hell. After partaking in a great deal of debauchery, Jack eventually died, and[Read More…]

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New Master’s Program Links GU, King’s College

History professors and scholars from the university and King’s College London convened in Copley Formal Lounge for a two-day, first-of-its-kind Global History forum, “Empires and Globalizations in the Making of the Modern World” this Thursday and Friday. Organized by professor John Tutino, director of the Georgetown Institute for Global History,[Read More…]

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Global Memory a Tool for Progress

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the economic implications are often a hotly debated topic. Whether one is for or against broader financial integration, it is clear that the world is growing smaller. People, cultures and businesses are becoming more connected across national boundaries. What is perhaps not as often[Read More…]

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Decades of Change at GU Are for The Better

I am one of the longest surviving Georgetown graduates serving on the faculty today. The differences between the Georgetown University of the 1960s and the university we see today could not be more striking, and the changes have all been for the best. In so many ways, Georgetown has gone[Read More…]

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