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CARLSON: Applying Past to Future

CARLSON: Applying Past to Future

In his Easter vigil homily, Pope Francis discussed Jesus’ call to his disciples to return to Galilee. It symbolizes the return home and the return to one’s origins after a long journey. In the Christian faith, returning to Galilee follows the return of Jesus Christ. The early disciples were called[Read More…]

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Forgotten Female Figures

We are quickly approaching the end of March, and with it, the end of Women’s History month. The close of this month reminds me that, as a history major, I end up studying a lot of the same sorts of things. I often jokingly describe my major as “Dead White[Read More…]

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Beauty of Byzantium

Beauty of Byzantium

For many students, their knowledge of the history of art begins with the pristine marble of the Greco-Romans and jumps straight to the developments in realism and perspective that dominated the Renaissance. The problem with this picture is that it skips entire civilizations that produced breathtaking and important pieces which[Read More…]

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Making Waves

Making Waves

The loss of WGTB’s broadcast signal is a telling story, one indicative of political divides in the 1970s that embroiled the nation and campus radio’s place at the forefront of that unrest. After Georgetown Radio, as it’s often called, began as an AM broadcast in 1946 and moved to 90.1 FM in 1960, University[Read More…]

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Make Waitlists History

If you were looking to complete your history requirement in the School of Foreign Service this semester, there’s a good chance you will hit some roadblocks. The SFS requires students to take three history classes: one introductory and two non-Western regional classes. While the introductory-level course can be satisfied by AP or IB credit,[Read More…]

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CHESS: Historical Lens Sharpens Today’s View

CHESS: Historical Lens Sharpens Today’s View

One of my professors recently quipped that “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” The American political landscape is filled with a wide variety of methods of analyzing its fickle and often maddening occurrences. PaulKrugman of The New York Times applies an economist’s lens. Georgetown’s acclaimed professors have proven adept[Read More…]

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War on the Potomac

War on the Potomac

“For Georgetown itself, the war had proven to be the most serious threat to its survival as an institution.” So wrote history professor emeritus Fr. R. Emmett Curran, S.J., of the American Civil War in his book, A History of Georgetown. As soon as the fall of Fort Sumter heralded the start[Read More…]

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SULLIVAN: History Holds Us Together

Watching Fr. Kevin O’Brien, S.J., take his final vows to the Society of Jesus this Saturday morning in Gaston Hall gave me a vision of Georgetown. This vision exemplified everything that I hoped to convey through this column; most importantly, the idea that Georgetown is more than an “elite research university”[Read More…]

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Reventón Unites Cultures in Dance

Georgetown’s Latin American Student Association is clearly committed to dancing til the world ends. LASA presented “Apocalypto,” its sixth annual Reventón Latino dance bash in Gaston Hall Friday night. The event, which showcases international dance and culture, was first established in 2006 as a way to foster a Latin American presence in the Georgetown community through[Read More…]

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Divided by Our Labels

I’ve never understood Black History Month. Don’t get me wrong, I get its function: to celebrate the lives of famous African Americans throughout history. And while I certainly feel that it is right to honor those famous individuals who persevered in a society of hate and prejudice, I still do[Read More…]

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