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Perpetuating a Cultural Standard

Perpetuating a Cultural Standard

The recent Rolling Stone article about sexual assault at the University of Virginia has sent the Internet into a raging tailspin. Again. Everyone is disgusted by the brutality, shocked at the nonchalance of the administration, disheartened by the victim’s friends’ responses. Again. The cyclical nature of the Internet’s upheaval with[Read More…]

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The Democratic Downfall

The Democratic Downfall

Tuesday night brought a sound shellacking for Democrat candidates on all levels. Dismayed Democrats looked on as state after state turned deep red. Races that pundits predicted would be neck and neck became lopsided landslides for the Republican candidates. The Senatorial contests in Kentucky and Arkansas were called minutes after[Read More…]

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RIGA: Armed With Anonymity, Gamers Attack Women

RIGA: Armed With Anonymity, Gamers Attack Women

GamerGate, like many other Internet controversies of late, has become so bogged down with online trolling and anonymous hate as to be nearly impossible to delineate. As the threats escalate, any credible debate has become thoroughly buried beneath misogyny and sexual violence. The issue started when game designer Zoe Quinn[Read More…]

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The Ballad of Alison Lundergan Grimes

The 2014 United States Senate campaign season is drawing to a close. Doors have been knocked, homes have been called, debates have been scored and the polls are all over the place. The same candidate is being thoroughly trumped in some polls and resting on a comfortable lead in others.[Read More…]

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The New Normal of Digital Age Harrassment

Earlier this month, a 16-year old girl was brutally gang-raped in India. One man held a gun to her head while another filmed the attack with his cellphone. Afterward, the men threatened the girl with the circulation of the video if she dared to tell anyone or ask for help.[Read More…]

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Finite Incantatem: An Appeal to J.K. Rowling

“When Mr. and Mrs. Dursley woke up on the dull, gray Tuesday our story starts, there was nothing about the cloudy sky outside to suggest that strange and mysterious things would soon be happening all over the country.” From the first few paragraphs, Harry Potter got me. I was enthralled[Read More…]

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The Bill Clinton Effect

The Bill Clinton Effect

Sometimes, it feels like Bill Clinton never left office. His Arkansan accent and folksy charm seem like omnipresent fixtures in the political world. And from campaign stops to charity dinners, the former President is particularly adept at avoiding political irrelevance. This campaign season is no exception. Recently, Clinton has been[Read More…]

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Wendy Davis’ Disappearing Act

Eleven hours was all it took to propel Wendy Davis (D) to political fame. Her legendary June 2013 filibuster in the Texas state Senate set off a flurry of #standwithWendy tweets, support from women’s groups and whispered speculation of Democrat strategists. A few months later, those 11 hours granted her[Read More…]

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Elizabeth Warren: The Democrat Darling Who Will Never Be President

Barring residence under a particularly impressive rock, it’s pretty much impossible to be ignorant of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) these days. Her name is splashed across every newspaper and political website; under their terms she’s a progressive rock star. With her vigorous stump speeches for Democratic candidates and a persona[Read More…]

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Michelle Nunn

A Midterm Election Battle of the Sexes

As midterm elections creep closer, things are not looking good for the Democrats. The Washington Post Election Lab is showing a very high probability of the GOP not only retaining their majority in the House, but also taking back the Senate. This outcome is typical of an administration’s sixth year[Read More…]

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