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Mark Adamsson (SFS ’15), second from left, was admired by his French professor for sitting in the front row of class and actively participating in discussion, displaying motivation and a flair for languages.

Junior Dies of Heart Failure

Mark Adamsson (SFS ’15), an international student remembered as a friend, scholar and athlete, died from lung and heart failure because of medical reasons during spring break in the Dominican Republic. He was 22. The university held a memorial service for Adamsson on March 18 in Dahlgren Chapel, which was[Read More…]

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A Cup of Joe a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

A Cup of Joe a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Coffee consumption is an essential part of college life — just look at the never-ending lines at Uncommon Grounds or Saxby’s. But rumors circulate about the detriments of coffee, such as itsaddictiveness and increased risks of heart disease and even cancer. Health-conscious friends of mine have been torn between the craving for[Read More…]

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