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MARGARET FOUBERG FOR THE HOYA | Smoke from a defective heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit caused the evacuation of Healy Hall on Monday afternoon.

Mechanical Failure Triggers Fire Alarm; Healy Evacuates

Healy Hall was evacuated after smoke from a mechanical failure in a basement heating unit triggered a fire alarm Monday afternoon. Washington, D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services ultimately determined the smoke resulted from a defective fan belt on a heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit and not from a[Read More…]

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Faith and Justice? The Struggles of Timothy Healy and Leo O’Donovan to Balance Piety and Dialogue

“Faith and Justice” hangs from the banners of Healy Hall, urging students and faculty on to serve their community while staying true to their religious convictions.  Although Jesuits hold the two values as complementary, recent Georgetown University Presidents Timothy Healy and Leo O’Donovan have confronted several instances where the Catholic[Read More…]

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QUALLEN: Healy’s Inner Turmoil, Our Current Conflict

QUALLEN: Healy’s Inner Turmoil, Our Current Conflict

Last week, President DeGioia accepted a recommendation to scrub the names Mulledy and McSherry from university buildings. The names Freedom and Remembrance took their places. Mulledy and McSherry symbolized what was most odious about Georgetown and the Maryland Jesuits’ history — the conclusion of a century of contest and deliberation[Read More…]

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Common App, Common Sense

Common App, Common Sense

As a new crop of freshmen arrives on the Hilltop next week and scores of overachieving high schoolers begin applying over the next few months, the time is right to reconsider our school’s application process. Ever since my senior year of high school, I’ve been frustrated that Georgetown is not[Read More…]

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A Time for Mischief

The recent theft of the Healy clock hands has forced both students and administrators to re-evaluate what the tradition means to us. Given the safety hazards and extreme risks involved in stealing the clock hands, the university is fully justified in maintaining precautions to deter all but the most dedicated[Read More…]

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Clock Hands Tradition Rekindled

Clock Hands Tradition Rekindled

More than two weeks after the clock hands on the front face of Healy Tower went missing, the mystery of who took them remains largely unsolved. After confirming the theft of the front hands, which went missing April 30, the university removed the set on the back of Healy Tower[Read More…]

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Healy Clock Hands Replaced

Healy Clock Hands Replaced

The clock hands on the front face of Georgetown’s famous Healy Tower were replaced by the university Tuesday morning, more than a week after they initially went missing. The hands, which disappeared early last Monday, were not removed by the university, according to spokesperson Stacy Kerr. “[The Department of Public[Read More…]

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Taking Back Tradition

It has been six years since the Healy clock hands were last stolen as part of a harmless student prank, and it’s high time that the hands find their way to the Vatican once more — without the threat of a hefty punishment hanging over students’ heads. The taking of[Read More…]

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Gas Fumes Force Evacuation of Maguire

After smelling gas in Maguire around 11 a.m. this morning, university officials evacuated students from Healy Hall and Maguire. Both buildings have since been reopened after the scene was deemed safe by the D.C. Fire Department and hazmat officials around 1 p.m. According to Director of Media Relations Rachel Pugh, the D.C. Fire Department[Read More…]

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Last Call Looms for Healy Pub

The administration’s brewing dissent for the Healy Pub proposal came to a head Wednesday when University President John J. DeGioia indicated that approval is unlikely for the student effort. “[The Healy Pub] is not part of the vision for addressing the needs of student space at Georgetown,” he said. In[Read More…]

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