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Students Eschew ACA for Private Plans

With the formal introduction of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act on Jan.1, Americans have another option for health insurance. But while the ACA launch has focused on enrolling young, healthy individuals in healthcare marketplaces, few Georgetown students, most of whom are covered under the university plan or their parents’ health insurance, have[Read More…]

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Health Center Hours Sickeningly Short

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) dominated news coverage last week for his almost-filibuster against the Affordable Care Act. Personally, I have never held strong opinions on the ACA, but catching the recent flu that has been gripping campus has shed new light on how profound an effect simple clinical health care can[Read More…]

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District Sees HIV Drop-Off

The District of Columbia, which has historically had the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the United States, has seen a 46 percent drop in the rate of infection between 2007 and 2011 from 3.2 percent to 2.4 percent, the Department of Health announced last week. HIV cases in the District[Read More…]

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Sandra Fluke Brings Debate Back to GU

Sandra Fluke Brings Debate Back to GU

After being thrust into the media spotlight in the national debate on contraception coverage in healthcare, Sandra Fluke (LAW ’12) shared her story Monday in Gaston Hall. Fluke testified Feb. 23 on contraceptive access for students of religious universities before the U.S. House of Representative’s Democratic Steering and Policy Committee[Read More…]

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Jesuits Access Same Health Care Benefits As Other Faculty

There is no doubt that the Jesuits on campus play a central role in the Georgetown community, but what may be less apparent is the role the university plays in their lives, including their health care. Georgetown does not directly pay health and insurance bills for Jesuits working for the[Read More…]

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Congress’ Mission: Life After Health Care

Fans of Aaron Sorkin’s late masterpiece “The West Wing” may, over the next week, find themselves recalling one of President Bartlett’s classic lines. When an issue had consumed enough discussion time, Bartlett would invariably shift gears with the impatient groan, “What’s next?” With health care reform legislation signed into law,[Read More…]

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