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LANDRE: Include Disability in Policy Reform

LANDRE: Include Disability in Policy Reform

American voters see health care as the most important issue facing our country today, according to November’s exit polls. In response, Democratic presidential candidates have promoted versions of Medicare for All and universal health care which, they say, will fix our broken system. Behind the promises, though, is the possibility[Read More…]

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KIM: What St. Benedict Tells Us About Manual Labor

KIM: What St. Benedict Tells Us About Manual Labor

During the induction ceremony for new graduate students, I sat with fascination and interest as various leaders of Georgetown University shared the school’s history and values. As I listened, I recognized the university’s constructive intersection of history and modernity. The ceremony encouraged me to delve into other traditions related to[Read More…]

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Conservative author and National Review Online editor Charles Cooke blamed Republican disunity  and President Donald Trump's abrasive demeanor for the party's failure to accomplish policy goals.

Republican ‘Civil War’ Hindering Trump Presidency, Conservative Argues

A lack of policy cohesion plagues the Republican Party and ultimately hinders its productivity and efficiency, Charles Cooke, editor of the conservative publication National Review Online, argued at an event Oct. 26. Cooke discussed the trajectory of the Republican Party, the future of federalism in the United States and the[Read More…]

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Broussard Encourages Work-Life Balance, Care For Others at MSB Commencement

Humana President and CEO Brouce Broussard advocated the importance of work-life balance and caring for others in his commencement address to undergraduates in the McDonough School of Business in McDonough Hall on Saturday. Broussard, who was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Sciences degree at the ceremony, became President and[Read More…]

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The Hidden Costs of Student Healthcare

The Hidden Costs of Student Healthcare

When enrolling at a private school such as Georgetown, there are often “hidden costs” that not all students and their families may be aware of. These costs have the most serious consequences for students from low-income backgrounds and are significant. At Georgetown, the forefront of these hidden costs is the[Read More…]

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HOCHBERG: Backseat Drivers Welcome

HOCHBERG: Backseat Drivers Welcome

One of Google’s first self-driving cars almost got a ticket for the first time last week when it traveled 24 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone. Police approached the pulled-over car but did not know how to react upon realizing there was no driver to ticket.[Read More…]

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The Chaos and Overcrowding of the ER

Growing up, I was absolutely terrified of going to the hospital. The cold, nondescript corridors, the intimidating medical equipment, and the palpable tension between life and death frightened me. Although this anxiety has now been muted, the hospital still seems like a cold, unwelcome environment, and this feeling is only[Read More…]

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MHIC Celebrates 5th Anniversary

The Minority Health Initiative Council, a student-led group in the School of Nursing and Health Studies dedicated to minority students pursuing studies in health and minority health issues, celebrated its fifth anniversary last week. In celebration of the anniversary, the council will be hosting a lecture series titled “Leaders in[Read More…]

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Alumni Named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List

Alumni Named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List

Georgetown University alumnae David Fajgenbaum (NHS ’07) and Eric Oermann (COL ’07, MED ’13) were named to Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list, which highlights young entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector. The magazine’s entire list spans 20 categories, recognizing 600 of the nation’s top young entrepreneurs. “[They are] finally dragging[Read More…]

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Urgent Need for Urgent Care

For students, shrugging off sickness is a time-honored tradition, however foolish. Be it busy schedules, confidence in our immune systems or just downright laziness, many of us have not sought medical attention on occasion even though it was most likely the best course of action for our overall health. That[Read More…]

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