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Facilities Negligence Endangers Students

Facilities Negligence Endangers Students

When students from top-floor apartments in Alumni Square were relocated to the Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center last week, administrators assured them that they were acting with an abundance of caution. However, university officials failed to act on water damage in Alumni Square they observed as early as last[Read More…]

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KIKI SCHMALFUSS/THE HOYA | In response to a steep rise in mold reported in dormitories, Georgetown conducted cleanings of approximately 920 bathroom.

After Mold Reports Double, GU Conducts Deep Cleaning Over Break

The Office of Planning and Facilities Management is responding to a significant increase in student concerns about mold by cleaning dorms with high rates of moisture-related problems, as universities nationwide address mold infestation in campus buildings. Between Dec. 21 and Jan. 9, facilities conducted cleanings and inspections of on-campus buildings[Read More…]

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KIM: Through Meditation, A Path to Students’ Mental Health

KIM: Through Meditation, A Path to Students’ Mental Health

The mental health of college students can be negatively affected by the stress of exams, papers and dynamic socio-environmental factors, such as living away from home for the first time and making new friends. Meditation can provide students with a tool to achieve optimal mental health and self-care. Self-harm and[Read More…]

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KIKI SCHMALFUSS  Georgetown University’s Office of Planning and Facilities Management has responded to 361 mold-related work requests since August 2018, with students reporting unsafe living conditions and health concerns. The number of work requests related to mold more than doubled from August through October this semester compared to the same time period last year.

Students Raise Concern Over Mold in Dorms

Georgetown University students are reporting illness and repeated delays in response by the Office of Planning and Facilities Management to requests for mold removal. In the period from August through October of the fall 2018 semester, the Office of Planning and Facilities Management responded to 361 work requests relating to[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Follow Through on Tobacco-Free

EDITORIAL: Follow Through on Tobacco-Free

Georgetown University must follow through on promises it makes — especially when those promises are related to the health of its students and university community at large. Over the last two years, Georgetown has planned to enforce a tobacco-free policy on its main campus: It aimed to become tobacco- and smoke-free[Read More…]

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ADVENTURES IN ADULTING: Natty and Nyquil Won’t Keep the Doctor Away

ADVENTURES IN ADULTING: Natty and Nyquil Won’t Keep the Doctor Away

Now that school is about to start, we’re having those anxiety nightmares about all the things that can go wrong in college. You know the type: You get lost finding an ICC classroom on the first day even though you had a class there last year. GUPD or SNAPS shuts[Read More…]

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HIGH-FUNCTIONING FAILURE: An Unhappy Guide to Health

HIGH-FUNCTIONING FAILURE: An Unhappy Guide to Health

Ah, spring, the season before bikini season. It is a time of cherry blossoms, light sweaters and mailed legal citations asking that I stop wearing my collection of bikinis. It is also the season in which we begin the annual ritual of attacking every imperfection on our own bodies in[Read More…]


The purpose of the Engelhard Project is to incorporate topics relating to student wellness into academic discourse in order to produce a more comprehensive and contemplative curriculum. Entering its 12th year, the program engages students and faculty from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

The Engelhard Project: Healthy Learning, Healthy Living

The Engelhard Project celebrates its 12th anniversary as one of Georgetown’s hallmarks of undergraduate education. Launched by the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship in 2005, it has helped students “create meaningful connections” between their intellectual pursuits and personal experiences and “infuse wellness” into their curriculums. “The project[Read More…]


Teaching people how to integrate the practice of meditation into their daily routines remains the primary purpose of the JMC nonprofit organization, twelve years after its launch.

Meditation and Reflection at the John Main Center

For many Georgetown students, busy schedules and marked-up planners are the norm. With such a fast-paced college culture, multitasking has become a necessity. Such a strong emphasis on activity leaves little room for contemplation. The John Main Center for Meditation and Interreligious Dialogue, however, provides a space for reflection. Aiming[Read More…]


As Georgetown’s first online peer-to-peer support platform, Project Lighthouse aims to show stressed college students that any problem is worth talking about, regardless of what others may think. A year from its official launch in April 2016, the program has already supported more than 200 students in the Georgetown community.

Project Lighthouse: Peers Helping Peers

Georgetown’s first online peer-to-peer support service, Project Lighthouse has grown since it was founded last April. Created in partnership with Georgetown’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services, Health Education Services and the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Student Health, the initiative for the program was announced in January 2016. Director[Read More…]