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On The Wrong Track

Georgetown University’s Track and Field program recently came under heavy scrutiny following accusations of hazing and racial bias, levied by student-athletes. The results of the investigations show a culture very much in opposition to Georgetown’s values. While not every athlete participated in hazing, the locker room culture that promotes such[Read More…]

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Patrick Henner, the director of track and field and cross-country programs, resigned in the wake of announced sanctions against the men's track team.

Track and Field Sanctioned, Henner Resigns

Georgetown released a statement Friday revealing the results of its two ongoing investigations into the men’s track and field program, finding no evidence of racial bias but confirming multiple reports of hazing and sexual misconduct among members of the men’s track team. Patrick Henner, director of the track and field[Read More…]

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Track Program Under 2 Investigations

Following public allegations made against the track and field program this week, Georgetown University released a statement detailing an ongoing investigation of inappropriate behavior Friday. The university expressed concern over the misconduct and said that steps will be taken to eliminate this sort of behavior. “Although not every student-athlete engaged[Read More…]

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Committee Launches Website to Address Hazing on Campus

The Hazing Prevention and Education Committee recently launched a website entitled “Stop Hazing” to provide educational resources on hazing incidents to the community and a reporting system for students to share information on hazing-related incidents on campus. In a campus-wide email sent last week, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd[Read More…]

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Protection in Policy and Person

Starting this fall, Georgetown’s Code of Student Conduct clearly defines punishments for cyberbullying and online harassment. After extensive changes, the code clearly defines harassment, hazing and bullying to include “physical, electronic or verbal” acts that “can be reasonably expected to inflict fear, to intimidate, to incite violence or to force[Read More…]

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Code Addresses Cyberbullying

The university revised the Code of Student Conduct this fall in order to more thoroughly define harassment, hazing and bullying, especially regarding cyberbullying and online harassment. The previous version of the code defined harassment as “any intentional or persistent act(s) deemed intimidating, hostile, coercive or offensive,” which lacked both a[Read More…]

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