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EDITORIAL: Broadcast Guidelines Effectively

As incidents of violence and harassment against women and other minority groups by members of the Georgetown community continue to emerge, the university administration must communicate a clear and strong stance against these actions and cooperate with the community toward thoughtful and comprehensive solutions to these issues. The most recent[Read More…]

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LARKIN: Reaffirm Free Speech to Battle Hate

LARKIN: Reaffirm Free Speech to Battle Hate

“Hate speech is not free speech!” read one sign that greeted Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week when he arrived at Georgetown University Law Center to address freedom of expression on college campuses. That sign speaks to a common belief among college students. In a recent survey, 44 percent of[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Preserving the Free Exchange of Ideas

Last month’s chaos in Charlottesville, home to the University of Virginia a mere few hours away, captured headlines long after the protests ended and the streets cleared. The rally and its aftermath brought to the national forefront a number of issues that we must continue to grapple with, including our[Read More…]

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The Freedom to Speak

The Freedom to Speak

Freedom lay at the foundation of our country in its first few days. We wished to express ourselves, to eloquently elaborate on our need to decide our own future. Years later, the letter of the law spelled out in the Bill of Rights sanctified this idea — the freedom of[Read More…]

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Court of Public Opinion Free to Fight Hate Speech

Mark Stern argued in his column “No Suppression of Stupidity” (A3, Oct. 23, 2012) that Metro’s recent attempt to censor racist advertisements was a violation of free speech. The ads, sponsored by the anti-Islamic American Freedom Defense Initiative read, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support[Read More…]

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