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Portraits That Defy a President

    The Hoya spoke with five members of the Georgetown community — from Haiti, South Sudan, El Salvador and Cameroon — who shared their thoughts on the president’s remarks and their families’ stories of immigrating to the United States. CLICK HERE TO READ STORY

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Student Aids Haitian Orphans With Grant

The School of Foreign Service awarded Cole Horton (SFS ’18) an Improving the Human Condition grant to construct an agricultural plot at an orphanage in Haiti this summer. Each summer, the SFS allocates grants of up to $3,000 to students whose unpaid internships or research assistantships seek to improve the[Read More…]

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No. 7 – Haiti

No. 7 – Haiti

She ran and wrapped her small arms around my leg. “Jackie Chan! Jackie Chan!” she squealed. I bent down and lifted her tiny body into my arms. Long, thick lashes framed eyes that seemed too large for her face, but they were beautiful eyes —a deep, bluish-black, like the water[Read More…]

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Sociologist Recounts Dark Side of Haitian History

Sociologist Jeb Sprague discussed his new book on paramilitary activity in Haiti at an event organized by the SFS Center for Latin American Studies in Intercultural Center Tuesday evening. “The basic theme of my book is that throughout Haitian history there have been democratic steps moving forward, but continuously there have been[Read More…]

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Haiti Can’t Afford to Be Forgotten

Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010 is a date that has scarred the minds of Haitians around the world. It was on that day at about 5 p.m. that their world literally collapsed. An earthquake of a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude struck, leaving a country and its nearly 10 million inhabitants on its[Read More…]

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Coburn’s Haiti Aid Opposition Misrepresented

To The Editor: Bethany Imondi’s viewpoint “Aid to Haiti Should Not Be Political” (The Hoya, Oct. 8, 2010, A3) exemplifies what is wrong with liberals on campus. Instead of doing independent research about current issues, they simply parrot what they have read on leftist websites such as and[Read More…]

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Aid to Haiti Should Not Be Political

The amount of money the United States pledged last spring in emergency aid to Haiti following the devastating earthquake: $1.15 billion. The amount of money that has since gone to Haiti to assist in the aftermath of the tragedy: $0. It has been nearly nine months since the disaster in[Read More…]

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UIS Bolsters Plans for Haitian Recovery

Georgetown University and the World Bank have joined forces to aid Haiti by providing the Haitian government with high-quality satellite and aerial geographical data. The information will allow the government to quickly assess damage and better plan for rebuilding, according to a university press release. On Jan. 31, the World[Read More…]

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Confirming Faith After Haiti

Seven years ago this month, my 15-year-old cousin, Alex, was skiing with six of his classmates in the mountains east of Vancouver, Canada. The young skiers – bright students from a prep school in Calgary – were caught in an avalanche. All of them died. I flew to Alex’s funeral,[Read More…]

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Panel Discusses Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Efforts

Panel Discusses Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Efforts

Thursday night, the university hosted a “Forum on Haiti: From Relief to Recovery,” featuring eight panelists speaking from both professional expertise and personal experience on the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti on Jan.12. The participants reflected on and contextualized relief and recovery efforts. The panel discussed relief efforts, the history[Read More…]

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