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The Rising Dangers Of Botnets

The Rising Dangers Of Botnets

It is today estimated that the internet connects over 28 billion devices: computers, phones, thermostats, lockboxes, pet-food dispensers, power grids and much more. While a growing network of 28 billion devices presents an enormous opportunity for individuals and companies to connect, communicate, and transact, it also presents an enormous risk.[Read More…]

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University to Replace Blackboard, Implement New Technology Initiatives

Georgetown will introduce Canvas as its new learning management system in the fall semester and eventually replace Blackboard in an effort to improve the university’s technology infrastructure, among other new initiatives, according to information released at a meeting between University Information Services and the Georgetown University Student Association Technology Advisory[Read More…]

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University Acknowledges Hacking Attempt

Georgetown’s Wi-Fi outage on March 31 was the result of a cyberattack launched against the university, according to interim Vice President and Chief Information Officer of UIS Judd Nicholson. Nicholson said the cyberattack overwhelmed university firewalls causing disrupted Internet service. “Our outage occurred because our network firewalls were unable to[Read More…]

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Hoya Hacks Inspires Innovation

Hoya Hacks Inspires Innovation

More than 300 students from over 40 universities gathered at Georgetown University this weekend for its inaugural hackathon, Hoya Hacks. Organized by co-founders Taylor Wan (COL ’16), Casandra Schwartz (COL ’16) and 47 volunteers, the 36-hour event took place in the Healey Family Student Center, where students collaborated in groups[Read More…]

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UIS Fends Off Phishing Attacks

In response to a recent uptick in email phishing attacks early this year, University Information Services has continued to deter hacking attempts and warn students and faculty against clicking on suspicious links through email messages. A phishing attack occurs when a hacker emails a link to gain personal information from[Read More…]

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Hacking Toward a Smarter Future

In partnership with the Designing the Future of the University initiative, the on-campus h.innovation group is holding the second annual hackathon, SkillHack, on Saturday, Feb. 15 to address the relationship between traditional learning and the acquisition of skills needed for the workplace. The ideas generated at the hackathon will be presented at a panel[Read More…]

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