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EDITORIAL: Confronting Cyber Threats

In the past year, the news cycle has featured stories of data breaches on an almost weekly basis. Last week, Wikileaks revealed a previously secret email archive from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about speeches made to corporations. Before the Democratic National Committee convention in July, the DNC’s servers[Read More…]

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Virus Causes Shutdown at MedStar Health, Prompting FBI Investigation

An unknown party hacked major hospital chain MedStar Health Inc. on Monday morning, affecting operations at various Washington hospitals and doctors’ offices. The FBI is currently investigating whether the attack is a ransom attempt to extort money in exchange for restoration of the system. MedStar is a $5 billion healthcare[Read More…]

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Corp Services Briefly Shut Following Website Hack

Students of Georgetown, Inc. was forced to close all its storefronts for two hours Monday in response to a hack on its servers. This measure was taken as a precaution to protect the integrity of its Square payment software. The Corp’s website, which is still not operational as of press[Read More…]

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Hoya Hacks Inspires Innovation

Hoya Hacks Inspires Innovation

More than 300 students from over 40 universities gathered at Georgetown University this weekend for its inaugural hackathon, Hoya Hacks. Organized by co-founders Taylor Wan (COL ’16), Casandra Schwartz (COL ’16) and 47 volunteers, the 36-hour event took place in the Healey Family Student Center, where students collaborated in groups[Read More…]

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UIS Fends Off Phishing Attacks

In response to a recent uptick in email phishing attacks early this year, University Information Services has continued to deter hacking attempts and warn students and faculty against clicking on suspicious links through email messages. A phishing attack occurs when a hacker emails a link to gain personal information from[Read More…]

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